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Overcome the Challenges Posed by the Conventional Database with Hadoop Consulting Services

Apache Hadoop is a user-friendly and intuitive big data solution that allows for distribution of processing across server clusters while eliminating the risk of data loss. Perfect for managing a high volume of data, this open-source software provides a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution that is compatible with any type of data. Aptude provides customized analytics packages that can be altered for use with any business intelligence processes.


Batavia, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Sign up for Hadoop Consulting Services for an open source software solution

Nothing relates to big data management more than the Apache Hadoop. This open source platform helps accomplish data storage and processing with absolute ease. With efficient data administration and exceptional support features, it is the new big thing in the software market for parallel processing of humongous data. Share data with a single click and make data accessible to major stakeholders for an informed decision. Know the endless capabilities of Hadoop and get started with this smart and productive solution with Aptude Inc. The company has over a decade of experience in providing data management solutions and consulting to many organizations while helping them integrate this advanced infrastructure into the existing system for improved productivity.

Advantages of Hadoop Consulting Services

Going beyond the functions of storage and processing, Hadoop gives instant access to relevant data and can be instantly integrated with several other sources including Cloudera, Hortonworks, Mongo DB and excel. Streamline the work flow with this write once and read many access portal. It is highly flexible and can store any type of data. It is swift in operation and maintains multiple copies of data, creating a backup for emergencies. Hadoop is optimized to work on large files and comes with spatial features for a smooth and uninterrupted work flow. Hadoop Consulting Services are perfect for distribution & processing of big data across server clusters. For more information on Aptude's scalable, cost-effective and flexible solutions for preparing data used for business intelligence and analytics packages, please visit aptude.com.

About Aptude
Aptude is an established IT consulting company with tailor made business intelligence solutions. The company is a certified partner of Oracle Gold and specializes in Hadoop integration. For cost-effective and intelligent platforms that are designed to enhance operational efficiency, get started with aptude's Hadoop Consulting Services today.