Simple Test at Birth Could Identify Newborns at Risk of Eczema

A filaggrin deficit causes flaws in skin shield purpose, producing eczema even worse and skin allergies and infections more prevalent in infants.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- A simple experiment calculating water evaporation rate from the skin of infants could help analyze those risks of developing atopic eczema, based on a research.

Early identification of these risks broadens the chance of really preventing eczema — via an act as easy as applying moisturizer or some best cream for eczema during the initial year of life — though those involved in the study said further research are essential to back this up.

A Baseline Allergy Research led by consultant and research fellows of University College Cork, & Trinity College Dublin calculated water evaporation within the skin of 1,903 newborn infants in Cork University Clinic, and monitored them up to 12 months.

They explained the experiment as "non-invasive" and "painless", having a little probe settled on the child's arm. It was like placing a toothbrush on the arm and the head measures the amount of water evaporation within an enclosed region. This "simple bedroom test" was completed on the infants in 2 days after birth and at 8 weeks.

It might forecast the occurrence of atopic-eczema at 12 months. If the level of water evaporation were large, the kid was more prone to develop eczema. Another aspect in developing eczema is chronic-inflammatory skin infection, where a child's parents too had allergies, and whether the child carried a mutation within the FLG gene that controls the level of filaggrin (a protein). A low-level of filaggrin was the sign of eczema.

Almost 10% of individuals carry a mutation within the FLG gene. Scientists' claims when both parents suffer with allergies, a child had a 25-40% possibility of developing atopic eczema within their first year. When the kid had a filaggrin deficiency, the opportunity is 40-50%. But, if all three components are participating — filaggrin deficiency, parent allergies, and high-water evaporation levels, there are 7 times more prone to have eczema in first 12 months.

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