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Mark Byerly Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Finance Catholic Desert Hermit Life

Mark Byerly has spent the past year trekking across the country to visit 150 Catholic shrines. Now, Mark is preparing to move to the desert to take up a life of prayer and penance as a traditional desert hermit and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for relocation.


Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- A little more than a year ago, Mark Byerly began a walking journey from his home in Delaware across the United States, stopping at 150 Catholic shrines on the way to pray for the world and offer reparation to God for the sin and shamelessness so rampant in today's society.  This trek left Byerly with a deep desire to continue his journey of prayer and penance by taking up a new life as a traditional desert hermit.  In order to cover the expenses of relocating to the desert, he has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at

Mark Byerly's story was covered by several news outlets at,, and  After fifteen months, Byerly completed his cross-country pilgrimage and made the difficult decision to relocate to the desert of the deep southwest to live as a hermit, giving his life over to contemplation, prayer, penance and a life of continual worship.

Byerly's plans are in accordance with traditional Catholic spirituality but speak to the rest of the world as well.  Funds will be used to establish Byerly in his desert location and give him time to develop work skills that will enable him to support himself in this lifestyle.  The funds will pay for moving and temporary lodging, storage costs, two tents, basic tools, solar cells and batteries, food, basic furniture and cookware, and first aid supplies.  He will be receiving the sacraments on a daily basis.  Any excess funds will be donated to Catholic charities.

Those interested in donating can visit the IndieGoGo page or email Mark at References are available for those wishing to verify the authenticity of this campaign. Simply email Mark and he will send them to you.

About Mark Byerly
Mark Byerly is a Catholic who seeks to begin life as a traditional desert hermit and spend his time in prayer and penance to benefit all mankind.  Mark has launched an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise funds to begin his lifestyle and support him until he can build the skills necessary for his maintenance.

Contact Person: Mark Allen Byerly
Address: 6 Ranch Ct., Newark, DE 19711
Phone Number: 302-897-5400