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Constitutional Renaissance Author Launches IndieGoGo Project for Institute

Richard R. Monts, author of Constitutional Renaissance, is launching an IndieGoGo project to raise funds to establish the Constitutional Renaissance Institute, LLC, to promote discussion and thought on constitutional issues and the expanding role of the United States government.


Kerrville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- Constitutional Renaissance, a work by Richard R. Monts , examines the role of central government and how it impacts American lives.  Now, Monts has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to found the Constitutional Renaissance Institute, LLC that will promote discussion on alternatives to a large and expanding central government model.

According to Monts, the expanding role of the United States government is stifling to the American people and particularly to American businesses.  He believes that competition among the States results in the best positive environment for businesses and individuals to thrive, and an overriding large central government prevents that necessary competition.  "Regulations, taxation and litigation must be reviewed and modified to have the best environment for business. The solutions I propose coordinate economic activities nationally without the involvement of United States government. The United States government is too complicated, too intrusive and requires too much energy to navigate. We need disciplined government that stays within its constitutional role. In short, States take care of their internal affairs and United States government takes care of external affairs. There should be very little overlap, if any."

Constitutional Renaissance delves into this idea in detail and the author advocates for an extremely limited federal government.  Now, he is raising funding for a dedicated facility that will provide marketing and media exposure of the ideas in the book.  "We need to think anew for solutions to an out of control United States government. We are on the wrong path. Now is the time to make corrections and return to the course prescribed by the Constitution," says Monts.  The Institute will be registered as an LLC and incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The IndieGoGo campaign can be located on the web at

Donations can be made through this website.

About Constitutional Renaissance
Richard Monts is one of a growing number of authors concerned with the intrusive role of the federal government in the daily lives and businesses of Americans.  His book, Constitutional Renaissance, calls for Americans to limit the role of the federal government and enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution from governmental intrusion.

Contact Person: Richard R. Monts
Company: Constitutional Renaissance Institute
Phone: 830-896-7195
Address: Kerrville, Texas