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DIY marketers can get a helpful list of digital marketing tools to bolster their online efforts in 2015. Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing also offers consulting and a host of online services for busy enterprises.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2015 -- Just like the consumer app market, the digital marketing tool landscape is super saturated, making it difficult for marketers to find the right solutions for their businesses. Perhaps that is why more than half of marketers say they do not have tools in place to monitor the financial impact of their social media marketing efforts. Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing offers a personalized, direct approach with her digital marketing consulting to help businesses find quick and effective solutions to their most pressing concerns.

"Social media marketing has been around far too long to be tentatively sticking your toe in the water," says Mandy McEwen. "The businesses that truly succeed are the ones that grab the bull by the horns and really OWN their social media presence. They have detailed profiles of all their top buyers; they interact with social media fans on a regular basis; they have strong calls-to-action; they send out personalized mailers; they test their campaigns for effectiveness; and they are completely aware of how their brand is being portrayed online. Of course, that takes up a ton of time – and money -- without the right tools. That's why I wanted to list a few of my favorites to help fellow marketers get a leg up in 2015."

Last week's blog lists 12 of the top tools marketers are using to make their jobs easier in 2015. At-a-glance, readers gain feature and pricing info on tools like:

- Raven Tools
- BuzzSumo
- Mention
- Socedo
- Side Kick
- Autosend
- ReferralSnip
- Canva
- Visual Website Optimizer
- FullContact
- Sprout Social

"If I had to pick just one… that's a toughie, but I'd probably go with Sprout Social as my favorite tool going into the New Year," says McEwen. "It's a really user-friendly dashboard for networking among all your social marketers to plan social media content calendars in advance, track engagement of your posts, and monitor keywords."

Mandy McEwen's company, Mod Girl Marketing, works with businesses and fellow marketers that find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing technological landscape. They provide fully customized packages to fit the needs of each business they serve, with no two packages completely the same.

"We work with a very small number of clients at a time, so we can deliver really exceptional results," says Mandy. "We have already invested in the most important digital marketing tools, so you don't have to weed through all the data and dashboards. Instead, you get one report with all the most pertinent information from us. If you want to discuss any detail of your campaigns, you talk to a real, living, breathing person who is like that super knowledgeable 'go-to' friend. There's something to be said for that in this day and age."

One may visit for more information on the personal customer service and digital marketing solutions offered by Mandy McEwen and her experienced team of experts in social media and content management.

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