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Swing Your Partner: A Seductive & Engrossing New Book That Strips the Swinging Lifestyle Bare; Fusing Erotic Memoir with Steamy "How-To" Guide

Masterfully crafted by Dean Hodgkinson and Dorothy LaFrance, ‘Swing Your Partner: a couple's erotic journey into the swinging lifestyle’ pulls no punches when inviting readers into the lifestyle millions secretly wish they could enjoy. Well, now they can! Melding a palm-sweating memoir of eleven real-life stories with a step-by-step guide to embracing all swinging has to offer, Dean and Dorothy are rapidly smashing misconceptions with a book unlike anything else on the market.


Sharon, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Let's not hide from the facts; with sites like AdultFriendFinder.com boasting over fifty-million members, it's no wonder 15% of the population in North America, have dabbled in the swinging lifestyle. Though it unfortunately still remains something of a social taboo, one Canadian couple are pushing swinging under the spotlight with gusto to not only share their experiences, but guide couples through every step of exploring the lifestyle for themselves.

'Swing Your Partner: a couple's erotic journey into the swinging lifestyle' will have fans of erotic fiction chomping at the bit for more, and curious wannabe-swingers getting the lowdown on everything from dealing with emotions and defining their sexual boundaries through to setting up tantalizing online profiles in preparation for that first meet.


Swing Your Partner is an exciting book. It's equal parts introductory guide and memoir, a fun and personal resource for people interested in learning about, or stepping into, the swinging lifestyle. Based on their ten years' personal experience, the authors have compiled a step by step guide for getting involved in the lifestyle, and paired that with a selection of erotic stories detailing their own experiences in swinging as they progressed through it, creating a book that's both informative and entertaining. With an easy and light-hearted tone, they address misconceptions about the lifestyle, tips for finding potential partners online and setting up an online profile, etiquette, and more. And, their personal encounters provide an honest and exciting look into the subjects discussed in the more formal sections. While the swinging lifestyle may not be for everyone, this (almost) 100% true book is a fun and valuable resource for all, especially those who feel like it might just be for them.

"Swinging is not a fad, but a compelling way to enjoy life while redefining the boundaries of conventional marriage, if of course done the right way," explains Dean. "Many people dive right in, ending up disillusioned. Our book provides a complete how-to on getting involved. We tried to cover everything, including etiquette, communication, finding other couples online, creating exciting profiles and what to expect when the big first meet arrives."

Continuing, "Our goal is to allow any couple to explore the lifestyle with all of the information they need to make it exciting, successful and ultimately a positive experience for their marriage. If you think it could be for you – this is the best resource you'll find – hands down!"

But it's not just a guide for those wanting to swing. Fans of erotic fiction will revel in the authors' eleven erotic stories, each inspired by true events and encounters.

"Throughout the guide we have sprinkled stories that detail our own experiences, in their raw and graphic form. We have spent ten years smashing society's misconceptions and meeting the best people you'll find anywhere – and this book shares those stories in an uninhibited manner. Fifty Shades got the ball rolling, now this is the real thing," Dorothy adds.

'Swing Your Partner: a couple's erotic journey into the swinging lifestyle', from FriesenPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1FaYOgp

For more information, visit the book's official website: http://www.swingyourpartner.net

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/dd_lafrance

About Dean Hodgkinson and Dorothy LaFrance
The authors of this book are just your regular, everyday, normal couple who just happen to live year round on a nudist resort and practice Tantra, Reiki, and Kaballah. After meeting on an internet dating site, the two fell quickly in love and have spent the time since growing and experiencing as much as possible, together. After years of encouragement from friends and family, they sat down to write this book as a way to share their life and their love with the rest of the world, and they hope you get as much pleasure from reading it as they did from writing it (and living it).