Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Start the Mass Production of the Towel Hugger

The Towel Hugger will keep the towel on the rack when young kids dry their hands. The Towel Hugger LLC is looking to raise $55,500 for this project.


Dayton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- Every family has young kids. It has been observed that these kids constantly take towels off the towel bar. Sometimes, these towels end up on the floor and need to be replaced. These little children do try their best to put the towel on the bar. However, their little hands often fail to do so. Unfortunately, whenever the towel falls, it tends to fall alarmingly close to the toilet.

Erik, the creator of Towel Hugger, has been through the experience of replacing the towel thousands of times over a period of two to three years. He came to the conclusion that a hidden clamp can be the ideal solution to all his problems. After making several attempts, Erik and his team succeeded in creating a bath gadget that they call the Towel Hugger.

At present, the team has created a functional device that can be assembled and sold in limited quantities. In order to start mass production of Towel Hugger, the project team needs a funding assistance of $55,500. All funds received through Kickstarter will be spent to

- Purchase professional design services for designing a product that can be mass-produced cost effectively.
- Purchase required molds & tooling to make a production quality product.
- Purchase a limited run of production quality Towel Huggers that can be mass tested in the market.

This project will only be funded if at least $55,500 is pledged by February 27, 2015.

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About Towel Hugger
The Towel Hugger is a bath gadget with hidden clamps that will keep the towel on the rack when young kids dry their hands. A funding of $55,500 is required to start mass production of Towel Hugger.