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SEO Crush Launches Campaign Aimed at Local Companies Looking to Gain Competitive Edge

SEO tactics help local companies gain competitive edge through consultation with local SEO firm reports


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- It's a proven industry fact that 92% of Internet searchers never look past the first page of search engine results when performing a typical online search. Further research shows the average website, if noticed, only has approximately one second to make an impression on a searcher before the reader skips on to another site. Finally, more than 70% of online consumers start their search for a product, service or support call using one of the many search engines available. With this in mind, Don Plain, spokesperson for SEO Crush, an SEO Las Vegas firm specializing in SEO marketing and optimization, has launched a campaign to make local business owners aware of how SEO can help them gain the edge over their competition.

Says Plain, "First, you have to know who your competition actually is. Your local SEO competitors are those companies in your industry who do business in the same area as you and have very high search engine rankings for popular terms in your local niche. For the most part, they offer the most of the same types of products and services you do, but they get more attention from local consumers due to their high website rankings."

Plain goes on to discuss how important being at the top of the results is to the success of any business. "It's a simple fact that most people will not look past page one, instead, people are always looking for the best local businesses on search engines; they believe that the best will always come on top. You need to out-do your competitors, making sure you're literally coming out on top." To this end, SEO Crush is now offering the opportunity for businesses to receive a free website audit right now. "All businesses have to do is enter their website address on our web page and they'll receive back a comprehensive report back from us."

The importance of social SEO cannot be overlooked in today's culture, either, stresses Plain. "Social media has been touted as one of the top business methods of making contact with your customers, building customer loyalty, increasing repeat business and generating new leads. The facts support the hype – only if you know how to optimize each of your social sites for mobile devices as well as for your main site. With our campaign, and our efforts to show businesses how, there are ways to use social media to grow your business. It's not easy and it's not instantaneous, but it is extremely effective when the effort is made."

About SEO Crush
SEO Crush uses cutting edge technologies to connect businesses with customers. They examine a business' presence online, their ultimate business goals and then they build-up a plan of action. They believe every business has a sweet spot, that is a part of their business that gives them the most revenue and profit for a given product or service. They help businesses optimize their company to capitalize on that business. They work on the website and reputation to position the company as an authority in the marketplace, typically, only helping one business per niche in any given marketplace.