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Natural Therapy Associates Reveals Special Rates and Offers for Clients

Individuals wishing to save money find these specials to be of great assistance when it comes to achieving their goal, reports


North Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- Natural Therapy Associates wishes to ensure all clients achieve their wellness goals and reveals special rates and offers designed to help each individual do exactly this. The rates and specials cover massage therapy, osteopathy, nutrition, and more. When one wants a massage north sydney, they may choose to turn to Natural Therapy Associates to obtain this treatment without spending a fortune to do so.

"Natural Therapy Associates offers a variety of massage types to meet the needs of all who visit the clinic. From a remedial massage to a myofascial release, individuals receive much needed relief in a short period of time. The massage options treat a range of conditions, including muscle tension and sciatica, and involve muscle and soft tissue manipulation to obtain this relief," Jo Dight, spokesperson for the clinic, states.

Many opt for remedial massage as it assists with pain caused by muscle strains, poor posture, general tightness, and other injuries. Some confuse this type of massage with a sports massage, yet a sports massage works to increase an individual's endurance while improving their performance. In addition, a sports massage helps one to avoid injuries and works to boost recovery of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. One may opt for a sports massage before, during, or after their physical activity. In contrast, a remedial massage typically comes after one experiences pain of some type.

Dight explains the employees at Natural Therapy Associates work to help each client choose the right massage option for their needs. No two people are alike and this is remembered at all times. In addition, each client comes with their own fitness level, and the center recognizes this at all times. Often, a recommendation will be made to combine massage with other therapies for optimal results.

Individuals find a 30 minute massage only sets them back $50, while a 90 minute massage is offered at the low rate of $120. Anyone in need of a massage will find these rates to be very competitive. In addition, one retains the option of using an all inclusive gift package, one offering multiple massages at a discounted price. Clients need to speak to the center today to learn which option best meets their needs.

"Natural Therapy Associates also offers custom packages. With a custom package, a consumer may combine massage treatments with osteopathy or nutrition consults, and prices are determined at the time of the custom package selection. The center wishes to ensure every client has what they need to better their health, and these special rates and offers are a great way to ensure this is the case," Dight declares.

About Natural Therapy Associates
Natural Therapy Associates offers a holistic treatment approach, one designed to enhance the client's health and wellbeing. They offer therapies designed to achieve peak physical performance, no matter what fitness level the client is currently at. Whether one is looking to improve their endurance, strength, relaxation, energy, or flexibility, the center can be of help through osteopathy, nutrition, and massage.