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Safe and Sound: An Inspection Report Boosts Homebuyer Confidence

A Melbourne-based building inspection firm says having a property inspection report on hand informs homebuyers on what to look for and can help them negotiate for a better price.


Port Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- Safe and Sound, a Melbourne property inspections firm, believes homeowners will avoid nasty surprises and feel more confident when buying a home if they obtain a property inspection report on their prospective property beforehand. A recent survey found that nearly half of Australian homebuyers do not know how to evaluate and compare properties for value, while a majority who went and bought a home found hidden problems only after moving in. Safe and Sound advises property buyers not to take the plunge without prior preparation.

The St. George Bank, which commissions national surveys on property, reported 44% of Australian homebuyers found it difficult to evaluate the properties they are looking at for value, while 57% said they would feel assured if they knew what to look for in such assessments. In another survey, the banking firm found that 55% of homebuyers report finding previously undiscovered problems with their homes after moving in. The top ten hidden problems discovered by homeowners surveyed include plumbing troubles, cracks in walls and floors and rising damp, items that a pre-purchase inspection of a property would have revealed.

St. George further reported that the owners of these problem-riddled homes believed that they had done the pre-purchase checks needed. Apparently, these checks were not thorough. In one finding, roots were found in the pipes in the bathroom, which had to be gutted to relay the pipes. In another, the toilet pipe leading to the septic tank had roots, preventing the toilet from flushing solids. Plumbing is one of the mandatory checks in a property inspection, which also includes an assessment of the roof, foundation, walls, electrical wirings, doors and windows, bath seals and integrity, floors, ceilings, stairs and sinks and taps. The ensuing report will reflect the inspector's findings and overall evaluation of the property, which should tell the buyers whether the purchase would be a sound investment.

The details in an inspection report also offer leverage during negotiation. Once homebuyers identify the faults and potential issues in a home they are looking at, they can bring these to the negotiation table to bargain for a price that is more to their liking. The repairs needed on the home can be deducted from the market price, or some other arrangement that will satisfy both the buyer and seller can be made.

Mark Brandon, head inspector at Safe and Sound Property Inspections, echoes the firm's view. "Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments a family can undertake. They need to make sure that they are taking on a good deal, one that will provide value for money. With an inspection, would-be homeowners will become aware of the true condition of a home. This knowledge helps them make an informed decision with regards a property purchase."

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