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International Designer Collaborates with 3d Forma for Paris Fashion Week


Noord Brabant, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- One of the upcoming industries that offer so much potential for further expansion is none other than the 3d printing service. In the initial days, this was a service that did was accessible only to those professionals. The average individual either could not afford to get access to this kind of a sophisticated service.

Today, thanks to such companies as the 3d forma, there is a much rise in the accessibility of the service. The best part about the very existence of the 3d forma is the fact of the matter that young and upcoming entrepreneurs can also actually get the aid of the 3d printing, which in turn will make their work so much more sophisticated. With the slightest of the efforts from the side of the young entrepreneurs, their work will combine technology, innovation and creation. The three deadly combinations that can offer nothing more than success.

This service is also for the professional fashion designers. Recently, a leading international designer made its debut by teaming up with 3d forma for its Paris fashion week. The result was a resounding standing ovation from the fashion industry. The 3d fashion today has become a trend. Today, many designers are making great use of their 3d fashion printing because it has become a really lucrative business, with clients preferring only what is real. The company is further specialized in the product development, prototyping, modeling, fashion, and last but not the least, interior decoration.

Since the year 2011, the 3d forma has also made itself actively involved in the 3d printing of various kinds of plastics. Young entrepreneurs have also benefitted from additional services, besides the company's printing. The company has an expert team that is specialized in supervising a project from the initial concept making to the post production with a desired end in focus.

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About 3d forma
The 3d forma is a well reputed company that offers a combination of technology, creativity and innovation. It specialization in product development, modeling, prototyping, interior decoration and fashion.

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