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Let's Love and Be Real: Songwriter's Raw & Searing New Book of Daily Thoughts, Inspired by Recovery from Addiction, Urges Readers to "Be You"

Written from the heart and experiences of Sal "Nunz" Annunziato, ‘Let's Love and Be Real’ crushes the false hope provided by so-called gurus who tell people what to think and do; instead urging readers to be themselves and stay true to their core. Comprising daily thoughts from the author’s life as he recovered from harrowing addiction, the book’s life-changing wisdom and musings have already been hailed “small but mighty” by critics.


Branford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- While self-help books have seen a huge surge in popularity, many so-called guru authors fall into the dangerous trap of preaching a philosophy where readers should think, act and even eat a certain way – often in line with the life of the author. Having recovered from the dark corners of addiction and flourished as a singer, songwriter and businessman, Sal "Nunz" Annunziato knows that "being yourself" is life's only panacea.

In his new book, 'Let's Love and Be Real', Annunziato shares a compilation of his daily thoughts to guide readers along this bold path of self-discovery. There are no hard and fast answers, but instead absolute empowerment toward creating an individual strategy for overcoming demons by living authentically.


Sal "Nunz" Annunziato is a singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, and CEO of a software company. With over 25 years of recovery from addiction, Sal believes that anything is possible when finding the right tools that work for one's self. Born into a family of mafia, drugs, booze, gambling, women and much more. It's been quite the journey to say the least...but that is another story.

This book consists of some of Sal's daily thoughts. Sharing from a place of what he observes. Trying to keep things as real as possible.

"The market is awash with self-titled gurus, experts and saviors who claim to have cracked a strategy for living well," explains the author. "But they require conformity to ideologies that are false and, though they worked for the author, are unlikely to transcend their life. My book turns the tables by putting the onus on readers to get themselves out of their problems by being themselves. Believe me, it works."

Continuing, "If you are real and authentic you will masterfully work on your hopes, dreams and the life you want. The more authentic you are, the less chance you will have of selling out. Remember, you are enough just the way you are and there is no mold to fit; but my book will empower you to continue your journey of self-improvement."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Margaret Taylor Kane comments, "This is a little book with a huge impact inside. There is richness in this kind of honesty, wisdom in this kind of truth and great encouragement to choose light over darkness. There is something of Sal's journey in all of us and the road ahead is better because Sal drew the map."

W. Reynolds adds, "This is a heartfelt book filled with positive musings, but Sal has also kept it real and raw. It's not a book where you will find everything is all hearts and roses, but rather the true feelings of the author. Sal encourages everyone to walk their own path and being true to yourself, while keeping an open heart above all else. You won't be disappointed in this book, even my 10 year old gave it a huge thumbs up!"

'Let's Love and Be Real', from Peaceful Daily, Inc., is available now: http://amzn.to/16Kgzr4

About Sal "Nunz" Annunziato
The author lives in Branford, CT.