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Archimedes' Claw: Time Travel, History & Philosophy Collide, as Thrilling Novel of Discovery Explores Debate Between Modern Science & Archimedes

Meticulously researched and masterfully crafted by Theodore Morrison Homa MD, ‘Archimedes’ Claw’ explores the “what if” surrounding the possibility that some of Archimedes’ discoveries were more advanced than modern science will admit. It’s all wrapped up in a compelling adventure of love, conflict and redemption, as one man travels back in time to prevent the death of his family without damaging the world’s faiths.


Arlington Heights, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- While most Sci-Fi writers produce fiction that does nothing but give their audience a quick thrill, Theodore Morrison Homa MD is rapidly shaking the genre up with a new novel that quite literally explores the "what ifs" of ancient history.

'Archimedes' Claw' throws readers into a cocktail of time travel, philosophy, love and suspense as one modern man calls on history's greatest mathematician and inventor in an attempt to buy time with his dead wife and son. Personal redemption runs high in an adventure that coins the 'Historical Science Fiction' sub-genre.

A professor figures out the key to time travel. Government agents are watching his every move. And others who want his secret are closer than he realizes.

Abducted off the street by government agents and interrogated about his mentor's disappearance from their laboratory, locked from the inside, Finn is forced to decipher the bloody clues surrounding an antigravity device dating back to Archimedes.

But all Professor Finn McGee can think of is visiting his deceased wife and preventing her death - and his unborn child's.

From his travels through the ancient and recent past, from Biblical times to his own experiences, Finn embarks on a journey of redemption and forgiveness.

Finn's story is a blend of suspense, history, philosophy, time travel and a love that transcends time. It is a thriller sharing one man's quest to once again share time with the love of his life without damaging the world's faith.

"In order to keep true to the Historical Science Fiction genre I am trying to push under the spotlight, I dedicate the entire prologue to setting the historical basis for the rest of the narrative," explains the author. "The inventions of Archimedes have been studied and adapted by modern-day military powers all around the world, even though most original documents were destroyed in a fire at the Library of Alexandria. Modern science thinks it can trump these inventions, but this epic story considers the possibility that Archimedes' work is more advanced than we think."

Continuing, "But it's not all history – everything is wrapped up in an edge-of-the-seat adventure that explores themes of love, conflict, redemption, morality and temptation. Every reader will be able to relate to the thoughts and actions of Finn."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. One reader comments, "Hard to imagine that Dr. Homa is a first time writer. Archimedes' Claw has the pacing and page-turning plot of a well-seasoned author. There were enough twists and turns to keep me riveted. Well done, Dr. Homa. Let's see more!"

Another adds, "Time travel with a real historical twist. I never knew Archimedes was a Greek inventor who helped defend his city and fight off the Romans with war machines such as the Claw of Archimedes or the Archimedes Heat Ray with mirrors. I enjoyed this book for its historical perspectives and interesting description of time travel. When you finish the book you are left with the "Rules of Time Travel", which I am sure will be useful some day."

'Archimedes' Claw', from Black Opal Books, is available now: http://amzn.to/1yBj4n8

About Dr. Theodore Homa
Dr. Theodore Homa is a practicing physician, seasoned history buff and an avid science fiction enthusiast. Among his favorite themes are time travel, the unknown and places of unique historical interest. Travels throughout Europe have provided opportunity to complement his particular theological and philosophical areas of interest. After a long medical career devoted to his practice and consecutive weeks without free weekends, a health related calamity struck leaving him unable to work for an extended time period.. Utilizing serendipitous time on his hands, he turned to inner creative talents and began to explore the world of writing fiction.