IT's Official, Phu Quoc Island Is Asia's Next Big Tropical Destination


Duong Dong, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- With pent up demand for more information about "Asia's Next Big Tropical Island Destination", Phu Quoc Island launched its new travel portal,, to the public this week offering a comprehensive source of tourism information for Vietnamese and International holidaymakers planning a trip to Phu Quoc Island. The launch of this guide could not come at a better time as next week Vietnam celebrates its biggest annual holiday, Tet or Lunar New Year.

Located in the Gulf of Thailand south of Cambodia and 40 kilometers west of the nearest mainland Vietnamese town, Phu Quoc is Vietnam's largest island and it is part of an area designated as a UNESCO world biosphere reserve. All foreign passport holders can stay on Phu Quoc visa free for up to 30 days, an incentive that the island's administration hopes will propel the destination into the same category as Phuket and Bali.

In 2014 around 600,000 travelers visited Phu Quoc representing a 37% increase from the previous year; however the average length of stay on the island remained under 3 days. Tourism officials cite that the lack of credible travel information about the island prevents travelers from staying longer. "What we found was that most of the information available to visitors about Phu Quoc was either provided by travel agents, self-promoting businesses, or found in destination guidebooks. These sources usually provide limited coverage of what the island has to offer and as such most travelers only plan on staying for a shorter period of time with Phu Quoc being seen as a weekend getaway destination rather than a leisure destination in its own right," said Thoa Vin Mo, marketing manager at Phu Quoc.

A joint initiative by local media, travel & tourism boards, and consultants lead to the development of the new online travel portal that aims to solve this information gap by providing over 130 pages of Phu Quoc specific travel information, advise, hotel reviews, recommendations and more written in both English and Vietnamese. The online portal has been updated to keep abreast of the latest tourism developments on the island and can be considered as a one-stop resource for relevant information regarding Phu Quoc travel.

Vietnam is eager to celebrate the very first Tet where the island will be connected to the national electricity grid, an underwater high speed internet cable, and have an official online travel destination portal.

About The New Phu Quoc Island Travel Portal
Launched in 2015, the authority website's mission is to provide visitors with the most accurate, detailed, and up to date travel information available on Phu Quoc, while maintaining a balance with the environment and people, and continuing to give back to the community and residents of the island.

Media Contact:
Thoa Vin Mo
Marketing Manager
Duong Dong, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
+84 77 6688 555