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World Landforms, a Well-Known Education Portal, Now Provides Information About Composite Volcanoes


Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- The landforms that people see today have quite old and exciting histories. Thus, World landforms now provides information to readers and students about one of the interesting landforms, i.e. composite volcanoes. This is a platform where knowledge seekers can gather an abundance of information. These volcanoes consist of a crater at the top, which has a group of cluster vents or fundamental vents. The erupted lava breaks out of the depression along the wall or through the cracks of the cone. As the molten lava cools down it solidifies in crevices forming the shape of ribs. A composite volcano is assembled by the accretion of solid exploded through the channel that rises up the cylinder.

In this portal, readers can also learn about the different types of volcano landforms. Besides composite volcanoes, there are complex and shield volcanoes as well. Shield volcanoes are formed entirely of fluid lava that has large structures. They are in the shape of a circular fan that looks like a shield. It erupts with formation of pressure which is created with excess heat of the gas. This raises the magma upward, leading to exploding out the lava from the central vent.

Talking about complex volcanoes, one of the representatives of stated, "Complex volcanoes or compound volcanoes are formed when there is a change in the eruptive nature of the volcano or the main vent area. Strato-volcanoes can also sometimes form the complex volcanoes since they get overlapped after repeated eruptions of the volcano, proclastic flows and lava flows and forms multiple vents or summits."

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