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The IMET Corporation Offering Electronic Engineering, Developing and Manufacturing for Clients in 2015


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- The IMET Corporation is an organization based out of Southampton, Pennsylvania, providing top-quality contract electronic manufacturing services. The IMET Corporation specializes in using autonomous manufacturing systems to help businesses build electronic products. For 2015, the IMET Corporation is advising businesses that they can benefit from IMET's expertise in electronic engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

The IMET Corporation produces customized printed circuit boards that can be used for a wide variety of products. These circuit boards can be found in recreational devices like pinball machines and in advanced factory manufacturing infrastructures.

The IMET Corporation's services prove to be cost-effective while also rapid and accurate. IMET achieves this through their extensive knowledge of the entire electronics engineering industry. This means that IMET's experts start from the development process and construct a customized model based on the desires of the client.

After a product's prototype has been constructed, the product needs thorough testing, which The IMET Corporation provides. After the product is fully-developed, IMET helps with the manufacturing, ensuring effective construction, owner's manual development and troubleshooting techniques.

Any business or organization seeking electrical engineering, development and manufacturing from The IMET Corporation will benefit from their tried-and-true business model that they have divided into phases including Client Consultation, Identifying Risk Factors, Identifying Product Specifications and Development of a Design Package. The Design Package created by The IMET Corporation will have the specifications and the requirements to mass-produce the item, as well as test results and native file formats that the product developer can read and understand readily.

For more information on how The IMET Corporation helps organizations achieve successful Design for Manufacturability, contact them today at 866.537.2386. They help businesses every year with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Compliance, electrical engineering and product development.

About IMET
IMET is a service provider to companies that employ electronics devices in their proprietary products. The company serves a variety of industries, including consumer, military, aerospace, and industrial electronics products. When the appearance of a product is important, IMET can even call upon the assistance of an award-winning industrial design affiliate. In some cases, when product development may be handled by an OEM, production services may be contracted to IMET.

IMET Corp. was founded in 2000, in a rented garage. The company has undergone three major expansions and has enjoyed 400-percent growth during the height of the recent recession. Now operating in a company-owned 15,000-squarefoot facility in Southampton, PA, IMET has 25 employees and boasts the latest automated assembly machinery to achieve placement speeds to 10,500 components per hour. The resulting quality and economies account for so many clients returning from offshore manufacturing. IMET was recently was named 2014 Manufacturer of The Year by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

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