Producer/Director/Screenwriter Dean Whitney Starts IndieGoGo Campaign for the Making of 'Aberrant'

Dean Whitney’s upcoming short film ‘Aberrant’ is an apocalyptic-themed horror film that offers a fresh twist to the zombie and vampire genres. Producer/Director/Screenwriter Dean Whitney needs $7,500 to produce this film at the highest quality possible.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- The central theme of Dean Whitney's upcoming movie 'Aberrant' revolves around a rapidly-moving global pandemic that is turning people into flesh-eating abominations capable of infecting the living with just one bite. The film's prime characters, Brad and Leslie, take shelter in a semi-isolated and uninhabited house. However, it turns out that a renegade female vampire named Nicoleta has also taken refuge in the house.

Dean Whitney needs funding support to make 'Aberrant' because he is not willing to compromise in terms of his filmmaking quality. He plans on shooting at 4k with a Red Scarlet. The making of the film involves a small cast and crew, and only two locations. Therefore, Dean's funding target of $7,500 would be adequate to produce a top notch short film. Funds received through IndieGoGo will cover all production expenses including cast & crew, equipment rental, insurance, location fees and permits, hair & make-up/SFX, catering, and post-production expenses, which include editing, original music score, color grading, VFX, and sound design.

Dean Whitney has opted for a flexible funding campaign, which means that he will receive all funds pledged minus the deductions even if he fails to reach the funding goal. If he manages to raise more than the funding goal, the surplus funds will go toward the hiring of additional crew members and adding one more day to the shooting schedule. The IndieGoGo campaign started by Dean Whitney will end on March 11, 2015.

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About Dean Whitney
Dean Whitney has been a busy man over the past few years, and he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. Following his successful directorial debut with the award-winning short film "The Body Bag" in 2012, he wrote, produced, and directed his first feature film, "Ghostline", in 2014. Although "Ghostline" won't officially be released until later this year, it has already won key awards from the FANtastic Horror Film FF (Best of the Fest), the California Film Awards (Silver Award), and the Florida Horror FF (Best Visual FX Feature).