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White Dress Films Is Offering Videography Services for Parties

White Dress Films have recently offered their videography services to a 50th birthday, where special guests included big names such as The Jam, Ronan Keating, Susan Vega, Steve Harley, James Walsh and Molly Ure.


Hertfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2015 -- White Dress Films started life as a company offering wedding videography services, and their years of experience have naturally led them towards filming other events.

Weddings and parties have a lot in common; lots of guests arrive and entertainment is put on. Experienced videographers such as those employed by White Dress Films have worked in a variety of situations, for example rooms with little or no natural lighting, as well as with singers, bands and DJs.

They know exactly what to do to make the lighting and sound work as well in the film as they do in real life.

Capturing the atmosphere is an important part of filming, whether the event is a wedding or a party, and White Dress Films know how to strike the perfect balance between the two. Whatever the event, they will gladly meet with their clients beforehand to discuss their likes, dislikes, and what they want to see included. With once in a lifetime events such as weddings and milestone parties, this is even more important as unlike filming a movie, there is no opportunity to go back and capture additional footage or record another take.

The small and professional team that make up White Dress Films are based in Hertfordshire, but their reputation has seen clients ask them to travel around the country, and even to foreign destinations to cover weddings.

Their busy schedule means that the team are already familiar with a number of popular venues, knowing where to go for the best camera angles, sound and lighting.

The vast knowledge and experience of the White Dress Films team means that they are equally able to hit the ground running in venues where they have never been to before.

Prospective clients should take a look at the White Dress Films website, which has plenty of examples of their wedding videography services, as well as further information on the party they have recently completed filming.

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