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Your Life as a Movie: New Book Urges Readers to Call Lights, Camera & Action on Their Dreams – Creating an Epic Masterpiece of Their Own Life

Masterfully crafted by personal development consultant, Fran Banting, ‘Your Life As a Movie: Scripting and Producing Your Dreams Into Reality’ equips anyone with all they need to rekindle their lost imagination, create a movie trailer of their perfect life and act it out with gusto. Banting’s powerful analogy, inspired by the philosophy of Bob Proctor, provides a fun and different approach to existing Law of Attraction books that call “cut” before the main feature has a chance to actually play…


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- It's a sad reality that ruins the dreams for millions of adults; a culture where imagination is deemed futile and big-picture thinking is branded fantasy. Having spent years studying under the philosophy of Bob Proctor guiding thousands of clients through their personal development, Fran Banting has a bold message – that imagination is the only away to attract life's dreams, and seeing life as a movie is the perfect way to call "action".

Banting's new book, 'Your Life As a Movie: Scripting and Producing Your Dreams Into Reality', guides readers through each and every step of storyboarding their vision, seeing themselves in the starring role and acting out their dreams to turn them into a prosperous new existence.

"The book has three sections, each running in parallel with the analogy of a movie's production," explains Banting. "Part one, "Lights", exposes how the mind works, and how dreams form an integral part of the scripting. Section two, "Camera", empowers people to see themselves in their vision of the perfect life and section three, "Action", gives them all of the tools they need to make that vision happen by exploiting the Law of Attraction."

Continuing, "We think in pictures, which is why we all feel an affinity with the movies. We build our own studio, with the lot being our subconscious mind and the gates being our conscious realm of thinking. By having the right things in your lot, you can remove chaos and properly organize your movie bank – an analogic vault for memories of our past experiences. We then need to script our goals, visualize them in wardrobe and finally create our movie trailer that we will market to the entire universe. Don't get bogged down – it's incredibly simple and I walk readers through the entire production process step-by-step."

The movie analogy is important, chosen by Banting to directly address a growing societal epidemic.

"Life tells us to pay attention, stop dreaming and quash our imagination. But, we can only attract things in life if we foster deep and bold inner passion. Most don't know how to tune into the positive frequency that will attract other positive things sharing the airwaves. We all deserve success, so bury the belief that riches and fame are greedy – you're the A-lister of your own life and deserve to live under the limelight. My book shows you how!" she adds.

Pre-publication reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Bob Proctor himself comments, "Fran Banting has created something wonderful and truly original with her 'Lights, Camera, Action' process. This is a fresh, exciting new way of implementing some of the most powerful ideas ever conceived. If you are ready to turn the life of your dreams into the life you're actually living, read this gem of a book right now!"

New York Times Bestseller, Peggy McColl, adds, "Your Life As A Movie is a lively and innovative way to manifest your hearts desires. Turning a traditional concept into a modern day movement, this book leaves the reader with the tools for success."

David Riklan sees the book's analogy as perfect. He writes, "I have always been a strong believer in the power of movies. In Fran Banting's new book, she created an inspirational method for using movies and the magic of film making to create your own results in life."

'Your Life As a Movie: Scripting and Producing Your Dreams Into Reality' is due for release on March 10th, 2015.

For more information and updates, visit the official website: http://www.yourlifeasamovie.ca

About Fran Banting
Fran Banting resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and is CEO of Dreampath Consulting. She offers private one on one coaching on line or in person, team and company consulting, as well as webinars and seminars.