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From Minefield to Mind Field: Maverick Doctor's New Book of Uplifting Poetry & Essays Urges Readers to Embrace Adventure of Changing Their Life

Masterfully crafted by Albert Globus, M. D., ‘From Minefield to Mind Field: Loving and Becoming Yourself’ fuses the author’s powerful life story of triumphing over adversity with a series of poems and short essays that will empower readers to live a new life with gusto. Globus had a troubled childhood; losing his father to Tuberculosis, facing the demons of a secret religion and staring Depression directly in the eyes. However, after solidifying his life goals and using the core of his soul to achieve them, Globus defied all odds to excel in a medicine career that has lasted more than half a century. During this time, Globus learned much of what there is to know about how the mind works, empowering him to write a book that gives hope to those facing their own plight.


Pacifica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- While the first six years of Al Globus' life allowed him to be just like any other kid, he was suddenly ripped away from his father as he died from Tuberculosis, and forced to live with his despairing and irritable mother. Wracked with despair and hopelessness, Globus entered a brutal spiral of depression and would spend the next six years in intense therapy.

Leaving home aged fourteen, Globus miraculously morphed himself from a depressed young adult into a productive and creative man who would complete Medical School at Northwestern University in Chicago, excel in the fields of Psychology/Psychotherapy/Psychiatry, bring up nine children and cherish a forty-four year marriage most could only dream of.

It's obvious that Globus knows the true meaning of hope. Fusing his wisdom with his deep knowledge of how the human mind works, Globus has published a powerful book of poetry and explanatory essays that will help others to transform their life into a great and productive adventure.

Synopsis for 'From Minefield to Mind Field: Loving and Becoming Yourself':

What an adventure: changing one's life. My poems highlight the desire to be self-sufficient, autonomous, decisive, and creative. My essays enhance understanding. "This is what happened when I did it. You can, too" Often confusing, more often fun. Therapy is hope for the overwhelmed. We direct our lives by exercising the mind's eye. Section I pits our experience against what confronts us. Section II focuses on spirit and determination. We decide who we are by self-knowledge. Section III outlines the impact of those who are closest to us on our well-being and future capacity to respond to our misfortunes and opportunities.

"After enduring such a troubled childhood, I had no choice but to do whatever it took to change my life for the better," explains Globus. "This book will show people how to set goals, modify them when needed and ultimately end up with a joyous and productive life they crave. This understanding is a fusion of my own experiences, my deep knowledge of the human psyche and also my never-ending journey of learning from my patients."

Continuing, "Changing your life for the better admittedly isn't easy, but it's ultimately a thrilling and satisfying experience for the soul. If you remain flexible, energetic and loving, you'll put your own plan in place. This book explains how people change, and the marvelous things that make it all possible."

The book also brings its poetry to life through a series of stunning sketches, hand-drawn by his daughter, Ruth Globus, herself.

'From Minefield to Mind Field: Loving and Becoming Yourself' is available now:

About Al Globus
When Al Globus was six, his father succumbed to tuberculosis. To avoid contagion, Al was kept away from his father. His father's religion and paternal family were kept from him. Living alone, his mother worked to exhaustion and irritability. Al entered college at fifteen. After medical school, he awoke to how painful his social, spiritual, and psychological life was. He escaped depression through psychotherapy and other efforts to fashion his own life. Al wrote this book of poems and essays to encourage the readers to use their power to change what seems an inevitable existence dictated by their own early circumstances.