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My Identity Doctor Encourages the Use of Alzheimer's Bracelet to Help Manage Alzheimer's Wandering

This press release is to inform readers that My Identity Doctor encourages the use of Alzheimer’s bracelet to help manage Alzheimer’s wandering.


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- People suffering from Alzheimer's in the intermediate to advanced stages sometimes have a tendency to wander. There are many different reasons for this wandering and it's a good idea to be aware of the causes and the precautions caregivers can take to help prevent it.

Some causes for this behavior include:

- Stress or change in the patient's life, perhaps brought on by an exchange of caregivers
- Look for patterns. Does it always happen at night? Perhaps the patient needs extra care at that time so they don't feel lonely.
- Boredom can cause an Alzheimer's patient to wander so make sure they have access to plenty of activities like crafts, nature videos, music, etc.

Safety precautions that can be taken to prevent wandering:

- Never let a wanderer walk alone, always accompany them
- Don't leave a wanderer alone in the car, even if it's for a few minutes
- Arrange furniture and remove throw rugs to make your home walk-friendly
- Install night lights in rooms and hallways to brighten the path at night
- Child-proof doors and block sliding glass doors
- Install a different type of lock in the door than the wanderer is used to
- Hang a "Do Not Enter" sign on the door to prevent the wanderer from exiting
- Have the wanderer wear an Alzheimer's bracelet or Dementia bracelet so others will be aware of their condition

A spokesperson from My Identity Doctor spoke about some of the other provisions caregivers can use to help Alzheimer wandering, "Try installing alarms that indicate movement, especially those installed in pillows and chairs. Motion detectors will work, too, as well as a door chime that activates when the door is opened. Talk to your neighbors about the individual's condition and find a good support network to help you. Having the individual wear an Alzheimer's bracelet or dementia bracelet will also go a long way in securing their well-being if and when they have the opportunity to wander again."

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