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The Pen Rest: A Unique and Practical, Yet Stylish, Pen Holder for the Desk


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2015 -- Everybody uses pens. They're usually shoved into a drawer, a mug or an old soup can. Or maybe just scattered all over a desk.

British inventor David Frieslander has a better idea. He has designed a pen holder that displays the entire pen, can be easily customized and takes up very little room. It's called the Pen Rest and features an attractive, cutting-edge design highlighted by beautiful curves.

"I made the block vertical, which meant that little footprint was being taken up," explains Frieslander. "The actual area taken up on a desk is just 60 by 45 mm (2.4 by 1.8 inches) and you can stack as many pens as you like. A critical part of the design was to create a center of gravity that did not change even if you stacked a load of pens."

The Pen Rest was made for people who enjoy using and displaying elegant pens. It is made from high-grade aluminum and is sandblasted and anodized along with other techniques. This gives it a quality shiny matt finish.

"I believe a writing instrument should be seen clearly and not hidden away," says Frieslander. "There are many pens of quality – like Mont Blanc, Cross, Shaeffer and others – and they each have an image, personality character of their own.

"There are certainly other types of pen holders available and even desk accessories, but none that I ever found do justice by showing off high-quality writing instruments that are so carefully made, detailed with unique features and designs."

In addition, the Pen Rest can be stacked vertically to display any number of pens. It's ideal for the pen collector.

Frieslander needs 12,500 English pounds (about $19,000) to bring this product to market. This would include materials, manufacturing costs, shipping and advertising.

In order to generate this capital, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a contribution of 24 pounds (equivalent to $36 or 32 Euros), backers will receive their own Pen Rest. A pledge of 59 pounds ($89, 79 Euros) is good for three Pen Rests.

Shipping is free in the UK. A small shipping charge is required for addresses outside the UK.

Pending the amount of Kickstarter funding, Frieslander is hoping to produce future versions of the Pen Rest in stainless steel, copper and 24-karat gold plate.

"The Pen Rest is beautifully shaped to reflect the curves of nature and lovingly display your pens," he says. "It's a great way to organize and spruce up your desk. The Pen Rest also makes for a practical and unique gift."

For additional information, visit or the Pen Rest website,

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