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Shenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt Launches IndieGoGo Funding Event

Shenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt is similar to YouTube but offers gameplay for participants that sets it apart from typical video websites. Now, Shenanigans has launched an IndieGoGo funding event.


Vienna, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2015 -- Shenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt is launching a new IndieGoGo funding event to raise money for the game's continuance and expansion.  Shenanigans is a viral video game similar to YouTube but with scavenger hunt-type challenges that allow participants to interact with each other and compete for prizes.

Shenanigans is a interactive game that issues challenges to players.  Creator Mike Tubosnick says, "Shenanigans is like YouTube on steroids, except for the gameplay.  Because users are allowed to compete, they become a part of the game rather than just watching the action."  The games are issued as challenges with time limits, and participants will vote on the top 3 winners.  The website allows users to log on and upload video content to show themselves completing each challenge.  The game will start out monthly and gradually increase to daily.  From the top 10 finalists, users will vote on the top 3 winners.  The first prize will be a car worth $50,000 or less, second prize will be $10,000 and third prize will be $3,000.

Located at, the Shenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt IndieGoGo funding event will raise money to website creating and maintenance, app creation, lawyer's fees and prize money.  Contributors receive a chance to compete for the prizes and to experience the excitement of game play.

For more information on the game and the fundraising opportunity, visit the IndieGoGo page.  All proceeds will be used in the manner stated for game development and prize awards.

About Shenanigans Viral Video Game
Shenanigans is a game that is dedicated to creating an online competition in which anyone can play and win valuable prizes.  The game is in "treasure hunt" format, with participants completing various challenges and uploading their results in YouTube fashion to the website.  Winners will be decided by popular vote.

Contact Person: Michael Tubosnick
Company Name: Shenanigans
Address: Vienna, West Virginia
Phone: 304-966-6566