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Get Your Nose out of That Smartphone . . . Please!: New Book of "Cellphone Etiquette" Reminds Readers That the World, Family & Real Life Still Exists

Kick-starting a much needed debate, Judy Cunniff’s ‘Get Your Nose Out Of That Smartphone . . . Please!: Your Words In Print Are Like Permanent Tattoos’ provides a series of powerful rules for cellphone etiquette, as well as a constant reminder that life exists beyond the screen of a mobile device. Through anecdotes, tips and inspiring passages, Cunniff guides readers through a measured debate of the pros and cons of mobile technology, while urging them to get out there and see the real world…


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2015 -- Everyone has been there; sat in the theater, enjoying a performance when, "ring, ring" – that ignorant guy in the next row picks up and answers a text. It's a relatively new phenomenon, but one many feel is ruining the quality of life for millions. Judy Cunniff is one of society's cellphone skeptics and, in her new book, attempts to remind the world that they really are just pieces of plastic.

'Get Your Nose Out Of That Smartphone . . . Please!: Your Words In Print Are Like Permanent Tattoos' lays out smartphone etiquette rules, examines the cases for and against their usage and ultimately asks readers not to forget that there's a boundless world outside the realm of their phone that is waiting to be discovered.


Are you tired of phones ringing in the theatre? Do you have a friend who only communicates through texts? Are you offended when a friend uses a smartphone throughout dinner? Here's a guide that reminds us of all we are missing.

This short guide is meant for parents and children. So kids, if you think any adults in your life are not following these basic rules of etiquette, feel free to correct them in a respectful manner. Go for it, because they need gentle reminders too!

"We urgently, as a collective society, need to discuss the pros and cons of cellphone usage," explains the author. "This book helps us explore the issue through humor and serious debate."

Continuing, "But, don't worry, I'm not dead against cellphones. In fact, the etiquette and rules I include outline the ways that cellphones are genuinely helpful to society; from their daily conveniences right through to times when they can literally save a person's life. I just don't want people to forget that the real world still exists, and that we can communicate in other ways!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Geoff C. comments, "What a wonderful gem! A must read and a much needed reminder for friends and family members, young and old, that our relationships are more important than our smartphones. This would be a fantastic stocking stuffer!"

Martin C. adds, "A great, commonsense guide to an etiquette issue that is rarely addressed: when should you get away from your smartphone? I loved the personal stories and warmth the author used to dispense words of wisdom on this contemporary topic."

'Get Your Nose Out Of That Smartphone . . . Please!: Your Words In Print Are Like Permanent Tattoos' is available now: http://amzn.to/1vBSf6H.

About Judy Cunniff
The author lives in Maryland.