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Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2015 -- Those who are affected by fungal nail disease unquestionably will be looking out for the effective remedies to get rid of this demon as soon as possible. There are quite of few curatives that a person could choose to tackle this kind of infection, including diverse home or natural remedies, prescription drugs and the topical treatments. Each one of them is discussed below. Once you understand the pros and cons of each method of treatment we believe you will think you will agree that the best over the counter nail fungus treatment is the prudent course of action.

Prescription Drugs

According to different studies and researches, the prescription drugs came out as the most efficacious way to cope with the nail fungus. The biggest reason behind their superb effectiveness is that these medications attack the infection from inside. Hence, the process of healing begins quite swiftly. However, there are several shortcomings of this treatment as well. First off, most of these prescription drugs are extremely expensive. Secondly, the serious long-standing side effects also make them unreliable. Thereby, most of the experts do not recommend them.

Home/Natural Curatives

If budget matters the most, then homemade and natural curatives can be pretty attractive when it comes to treating nail fungus. Since, they are considerably cheaper and just about every person can afford them. On the other hand, it is also true that the efficiency and healing power of most of the home curatives is a nip and tuck affair. Aside from unpredictable and nisi capability of home remedies, they demand a lot of time, which obviously not everyone is in the position to invest. Even though, it is an economical option, but dubious outcomes of such remedies put a big question mark on them.

Topical Remedy

The topical antifungal products like Funginix, ZetaClear and EmoniNail are beyond doubt the most effective, most economical and safest way to treat nail fungus. It is the one and only treatment option that does not involve long-standing severe side effects. These three topical over the over the counter treatments are safe and natural, convenient and above all, these superlative products come with a money back assurance. This would indicate that a noticeable positive outcome is expected. Apparently, the unmatched topical curatives offer an all-in-one solution to all the affected persons of toenail infection.

About Nail Fungus Clinic
At we only recommend products that are formulated using a well-known anti-fungal ingredient known as Undecylenic acid. It approved by the FDA and functions by ceasing the development of fungus. All the recommended topical products are specially formulated by using all-natural and tested ingredients like Tea Tree Oil. This oil is acknowledged for its incredible antiviral, antiseptic and bactericide attributes that wipe out the fungus in a swift and efficient way.

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