Mogicons Enlists Special Emoticons to Consider in Expressing Heart-Warming Mobile Messages for Valentine's Day

Consequently, with the appearance of emoticons as a new language to express feelings, it’s not surprising that the use of the emoticons as an expression is the new trend for Valentine’s heart-warming messages.


Beaver Falls, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2015 -- There's nothing sweeter aside to flowers and chocolates than a message filled with heart-warming words to describe how grateful a person could be for having someone who stays by their side through good and bad times. That including emoticons for Facebook messages, Skype or Tweets on expressing their deep love and appreciation, will definitely make someone's heart pound with joy and felt loved.

With Valentine's Day in every corner and is expected to extend for a week, certainly, people will think a lot of ways on how they would celebrate it with their loved ones. Among other events that happen annually, Valentine's Day is one of the busiest celebration for many florists and restaurant owners for various orders and bookings from different individuals. Even in the social media sites, the News Feeds are bombarded with love messages, photographs, memes, poems and adorations of couples to each other partnered with a favorite love song or video presentations. And this will not be possible without the intervention of communication technologies that plays the essential role in connecting people.

Mobile devices have been the helpful vehicle for expressing people's feelings and concerns towards other people. These were further enhanced by images, video, stickers, and emoticons in filling in the gaps and nuisances that words sometimes failed to cover. And now that Valentine's Day is here, aside to videos and images, certain emoticons are expected to be flooding every news feed, chat box and emails. These are:

Emoticon giving a red rose: This is an emoticon usually used in chats to show how much an individual adores the person they are chatting with. Since red roses are another way to say how much a person loves their better half, this emoticon is the best icon to send to love ones.

Valentine heart with rose: This emoticon can be downloaded in and is a timely Valentine emoticon for everyone. It's a heart emoticon that is holding a red rose, the symbol of love and beauty, which is an excellent way of expressing the kind of love a person, is having for their partner.

Love coffee cup: Celebrate Valentine's Day even if couples are miles apart with this one-of-a-kind emoticon to show that even if they're not together to celebrate this special day, they can still do it with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee while chatting endlessly.

Love emoticon: This love emoticon is the best icon to describe how deep the love an individual is feeling for a certain person which highlights this special day.

Consequently, with the appearance of emoticons as a new language to express feelings, it's not surprising that the use of the emoticons as an expression is the new trend for Valentine's heart-warming messages.

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