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Xpress Dental on Improving Oral Health with State-of-the-Art Dental Care and Technology

Xpress Dental Clinic offers Mini Dental Implants, Pinhole Surgical technique, root canal with CEREC, Clear Correct, and Preventive dentistry.


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2015 -- Continuous innovation in various technologies makes every task much easier and improves the lives of people. That with the presence and use of dental technology to promote oral health is what makes it a strict requirement and a good indicator of how much a dental office is dedicated to raising awareness of proper oral hygiene.

Using technology in every dental procedure is one of the exciting trends in dentistry today which shows the progression of bringing quality service up to date. Four of the celebrated technology that is becoming more prevalent in many dental offices includes CEREC, Intraoral camera, digital x-ray and diode laser. CEREC is the number one method that is extensively used since 1987 in restoring any tooth that become decayed, weakened or broken back to its natural strength and appearance.

The Intraoral camera allows the dentists as well as the patients to see the teeth and gums more accurately and clearly. The camera aids the dentist to identify early signs of dental issues so that they could make an immediate action for it. The Digital x-ray ensures patients that they'll be less exposed to radiation, has faster turn-around time, has shorter appointments, are involved in co-diagnosis and their understanding of the treatment options available will be enhanced. And lastly, the diode laser used in tooth decay treatment, treating gum disease, lesion removal and teeth whitening.

According to a general dentist, who runs one of the friendliest and most advanced dental offices in the area of Rio Grande Valley which is Xpress Dental, people deserves a state-of-the-art dental care. That is why investing in advanced technology to cater the needs of many people experiencing dental problems is a must. And this is evident on the many positive feedbacks that the clients have given in regards to the services this dental clinic offers.

Xpress Dental Clinic offers Mini Dental Implants, Pinhole Surgical technique, root canal with CEREC, Clear Correct, and Preventive dentistry. The approachable dentist also specializes in Cosmetic and General Dentistry. They provide procedures and treatments such as extractions, veneers, routine examination, deep cleanings, emergency dental services and pediatric dental exams and treatments. The clinic is open from Wednesday to Saturday, at 11:00am to 7:00pm. While on Sunday, the clinic welcomes patients from 11:00am up to 4:00pm. Interested patients can visit their official website to get to know more of this excellent dental clinic.

Provided that the advancement of many dental technologies continuously evolves, people don't have to go on multiple visits just to get replacement crowns, inlays, and onlays if these could be done in less than a day. All they have to do is to book an appointment with their general dentist and have their dental problems resolved right away.

About Xpress Dental Clinic
Xpress Dental Clinic prides themselves on being a different dental office, where they utilize technology and focus on customer service to enhance the patient experience. Xpress Dental Clinic believes that going to the dentist should be a positive experience and they always strive for excellence by always looking into how they may improve our level of service.