Nico Friedrich and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Calistix Fitness App

Nico Friedrich believes that his upcoming app Calistix will make the world fitter with Cross Sports. A funding of €20,000 is needed for the market launch of this free of cost fitness app.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Led by Nico Friedrich, team Calistix is engaged in creating a fitness app that promises to be the perfect one for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts. When completed, Calistix will be a comprehensive virtual personal trainer with a wide spectrum of sporting activities. Users will be able to take part in over one hundred indoor and outdoor exercises that can be performed with or without equipment. Regardless of their fitness level, Calistix will have adequate alternatives for all users.

An all-in-one fitness app, Calistix will offer the three options of endurance, body workout, and cross sports. There will also be an innovative ghost mode that can be used to participate in virtual competitions with friends. The app also offers useful additional features such as a heart rate sensor, a BMI & WHR Calculator, a pedometer and standardized fitness tests. All the benefits of Calistix can be enjoyed free of charge without any registration.

Other important features of Calistix includes
- All exercises and workouts are based on modern sport scientific principles.
- Detailed description of the starting position, the movement, and the target muscle groups to ensure the correct execution of each exercise.
- Calistix soundtrack that can be adjusted dynamically to the workouts. Alternatively, users can also listen to their own songs via iPad.
- Stylish and animated graphics for better user experience.
- Smart algorithm to ensure ease of operation.
- Complete Game Center integration.

Team Calistix wants to inspire people to live a healthy life by exercising regularly. In the long run, they want to create a sports community dedicated to developing joint projects. As far as this project is concerned, the team has already invested all their money and time. Now, they are looking for funding help to make Calistix a reality. Their funding goal for this project is €20,000, and the campaign will end on 20.04.2015.

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About Calistix
Calistix is a virtual personal trainer that offers a huge variety of sports activities: more than 100 exercises, indoors and outdoors, with or without equipment, for any fitness level from beginners to competitive athletes. It is a true all-in-one app with three different options - endurance, body workout and cross sports.