Comparatio Releases Upgraded Version of Its Powerful Prophet 21 Add-on EDI Software

New version of company's EDI add-on augments Prophet 21 with eBay integration, support for wide range of new document types, better handling of third-party forwarding and more, Comparatio reports


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Comparatio announced that it has released a new version of the company's EDI add-on for Prophet 21. Comparatio's EDI product for Prophet 21 is tailored to each client's processes and work-flows, making Prophet 21 even more flexible. The new release introduces a number of important new features, including seamless eBay integration and support for new document types.

"Prophet 21 is a deservedly popular system that helps many organizations manage their distribution activities", Comparatio representative Jan Poehland said, "We're happy to announce that the latest release of our Prophet 21 EDI add-on brings a number of new features to the table, making Prophet 21 even more flexible and capable than before."

Since the company's founding in 2006, Comparatio has focused on customizing off-the-shelf business software to make it more flexible for customers. Comparatio's custom business software delivers substantial savings and efficiency gains compared to using industry-standard software.

Comparatio's EDI and cXML solutions extend the capabilities of ERP packages and other complex software systems, integrating them in ways that simplify processes and improve results. Comparatio's automated software provides a bridge that removes the need for manual handling and oversight of documents that move from one system to another.

Comparatio's Prophet 21 EDI add-on enhances the power, flexibility, and capabilities of P21 and the full eBay integration allows for direct import of orders into Prophet 21. Updated order status and tracking information is updated and pushed back out to eBay. Another new feature allows for the seamless integration of remote warehouses and the forwarding of invoices and advanced shipping notices to trading partners as they are received from third parties, relieving customers of painstaking, error-prone manual work.

Enhancing a flexible and powerful system with new capability serves as an excellent example of the company's core mission and philosophy. In every case, Comparatio experts analyze clients' existing processes to determine how best to deliver business-enhancing custom software without disrupting normal operations. Individual solutions are then customized to meet clients' needs and respect their existing work-flows, ensuring easy, attractive returns on investment.

Further information about the new Prophet 21 EDI add-on release can be found at the Comparatio website, where visitors can also read about the full range of the company's other products and services.

About Comparatio
Since 2006, Comparatio has provided customized add-ons and enhancements for off-the-shelf business software, working closely with clients to create timely, cost-effective solutions that align gracefully with their processes and satisfy their particular needs.