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San Francisco Criminal Defense Attorney Shares His Personal Side, Reports Beahm Law announces Jason Beahm remains compassionate and cool throughout high pressure situations and calms clients going through a difficult time


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2015 -- Beahm Law announces the release of a new video (, one dedicated to showing Jason Beahm's compassionate side. Individuals often find it hard to choose an attorney, as there are numerous in this profession. The video helps to show what makes Jason Beahm different from his competitors, simplifying the process of choosing an attorney. Clients find the video to be very helpful when they go to make this selection.

"Attorneys may find it difficult to keep their cool when they are facing a high pressure situation, yet I never find this to be an issue. Not only can I remain calm in these situations, I am able to ease the fears of my clients. This is of great importance as most find the legal process to be very stressful, no matter which side of the law they are on. Regardless of what a client is charged with, I'm more than happy to assist them in preparing their defense," Jason Beahm, founder of the firm, explains.

Individuals feel confident working with Jason Beahm as he has an astounding track record of success. Individuals face many fears when they are arrested for a crime. Some worry that they may lose their job, yet others are more concerned about the impact their actions will have on their family. Beahm works to reduce these fears, explaining the process and helping them at every stage.

Beahm states he looks at the priorities of each client when assisting them and works to build an emotional connection with each person who walks through the door of his firm. The goal remains to understand where the client is coming from and works to accomplish the goals of the client with compassion and integrity. Clients deserve nothing less during this difficult time.

The San Francisco criminal defense attorney offers a wealth of information on his site to assist clients facing a variety of charges. For example, visitors to the site may read about what to do when encountering a sobriety checkpoint, why an attorney is needed when one is charged with DUI manslaughter, and more. The information found on the site may be exactly what one needs to calm their fears.

"Visit the website ( today for the information you need at a critical time. Doing so helps to calm your fears and gives you a better understanding of what you may be facing. Don't hesitate to call the firm with questions or for clarification on anything you do not understand. You can't have too much information in this situation and we understand and provide this information in an easy to read format," Beahm declares.

Jason Beahm is available for all legitimate press inquiries relevant to the San Francisco Bay Area business and lawyer community, DUI, criminal defense, traffic ticket defense, and general legal advice. Beahm will be speaking at Avvo's 2015 Lawyernomics conference as a featured speaker and is interested in relevant speaking opportunities.

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Beahm Law operates as the premier criminal defense firm in the San Francisco area, defending clients accused of traffic violations, DUI, and criminal offenses, along with those who need assistance with a personal injury they have sustained. Reviews across major social networks such as Yelp, Google Plus, and Avvo show the firm's popularity, and individuals find they can see what makes the firm really stand out by hiring them for representation today. The attorneys at Beahm Law remain committed to defending each client's bright future, using diligence and skill to do so, as each client deserves nothing less. Integrity, passion, and expertise continue as hallmarks of this firm at all times.