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T-Lock Call Blocker – A Simple & Affordable Solution to Protect Any Home Phone Against Rising IRS Imposter Calls & Other Phone Scams


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- According to the Federal Trade Commission, IRS imposter calls are on the rise.  Complaints increased 2,300 Percent within the last year.  This is why it is important for consumers to protect their phone lines with a T-Lock  call blocker  device; an easy to setup (simply plug-in to existing phone line & start blocking unwanted numbers by simply pressing a button.  The T-Lock Call Blocker is exclusively sold by  (also available in Amazon & Ebay ).  It can block up to 1,500 phone calls and fax numbers. It can also block entire area codes and prefixes.

For those who live in the USA, even after registering their phone numbers with the 'Do Not Call' list (a US government sponsored program), there is no 100% protection against scams and unwanted calls.  "We receive several e-mails and phone calls daily from homeowners seeking for an effective solution to protect their phone line against unwanted and scam calls." says Alfredo Purrinos, former NASA engineer and President of Hi Q Telecom Inc. "Most complains about getting hammered with several unwanted phone calls each day, even though they have their numbers registered in the 'Do Not Call' list".

In today's market many telemarketing and scammers use automated dialing services (called robocalls).  These services use many phone numbers, this is why it's important to get a call blocker device with a large storage capacity to block numbers.  There are other call blocker products available in the market but most can only block 100 phone numbers or less.

The T-Lock Call Blocker requires the caller id service to be active on the phone line in order to work properly.  It is line powered, which mean that it does not require batteries or an external power supply, and uses a technology called EEPROM (Erasable Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory) which allows it to retain the stored blocked numbers even when disconnecting it from the phone line.

About Hi Q Telecom Inc.
Hi Q Telecom Inc. ( is a BBB A+ rated corporation specializing in telephone security and specialty products.  Our main office is located in Miami Lakes, Florida.  For more information about incoming call blocker devices or the company visit or contact us.

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