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The Renegade Guy Announces the Release of New Diet Guide

The Renegade Diet book is receiving rave reviews for introducing a whole new method of reducing fat and building muscle mass


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Media reports are filled with stories of numerous professional athletes being investigated for suspected use of performance enhancing drugs. These stories show how even those who depend on their bodies for a living struggle to have the strength and muscle mass they want and need. The average person can feel even less capable of success, leading them to make unhealthy choices. With this in mind, fitness site The Renegade Guy has released its lates book, The Renegade Diet, a program created to help anyone have the body they want naturally.

Company spokesman Ray Flowers explains the science behind the Renegade Diet. "This diet, created by our founder Jason Farruggia, is not like anything else you have read. It is not a rehashing of the same overused and ineffective diet tips every other book on the market has offered. Instead it offers a proven program that combines fasting and power eating to put the body into overdrive."

Flowers stated that the book not only tells readers what to eat and when, but the reasons why as well. "You are never left in the dark." Says Flowers. "We understand that people find it easier to stick to their diet and workout plans when they understand why they need to do it."

The Renegade Diet is being touted by the company as an entirely new way to approach fat loss and muscle building. In addition to the diet book, the company also has additional guides, including a recipe book that is a companion to The Renegade Diet. The book that has gotten the most attention however has been Muscle Gaining Secrets.

"We expect that anyone who tries out the Renegade Diet is also going to want to find out more about Muscle Gaining Secrets." Flowers continued discussing the book which helped readers to develop a 90-day plan to build the body of their dreams. "While there will always be more for people to know, we believe this two books are the answer for anyone who has failed to build muscle mass in the past."

Muscle Gaining Secrets was well-received by critics and workout experts alike. Initial reviews of The Renegade Diet prove that it is also drawing praise. Those who want to learn more can read the review here for themselves.

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