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The Lemon Law Group Partners Announces Expansion Into Several New States

The leaders in representing consumers with breach of warranty complaints against automobile manufactures are now able to represent clients outside of their home state of California.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- The Lemon Law was created to protect buyers against breach of warranty by manufacturers. While the law covers all mechanical items, it is almost always used to defend unsatisfied automobile owners. As the United States has continued to become an even more mobile society, the number of vehicles being purchased has increased dramatically. With this jump in sales, the level of recalls and mechanical problems has also increased. Because not all manufacturers are doing what they should to rectify these problems appropriately, a need for more legal representation for consumers has become obvious. To fulfill this need the Lemon Law Group Partners, have announced the immediate expansion of their company to several new states.

Managing Partner and a leading california lemon law layer, Jason S. Hegedus explains. "There was a record number of automobile recalls in the United States this past year, 64 million to be exact. This should worry every consumer. When you have that many vehicles with problems being admitted to, how many are the manufacturers not admitting to or even still unaware of? Even more frightening, how many people have already been hurt by them?"

Hegedus went on to explain that they worry about the well-being of their clients, both physically and financially. That manufacturers are continuously seeming to neglect appropriate safety and quality testing of parts before vehicles are shipped to the public. "In their rush to get more of their brands on sales lots, they are overlooking a lot of things that are important. It is not enough to just have a huge inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs. People need them to be safe and reliable as well. When they are not, we step in to make certain the client gets reimbursed for their money, time and trouble."

The company will be expanding their business to make it possible for clients in several new states to have access to their legal services. They will be available to now represent clients in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, New York, Ohio, Texas, and California.

Managing Partner Hegedus continued, "We want people to realize that they do not have to take the financial hit just because a manufacturer will not honor their warranty. We have represented over 1,000 of these cases and our services are always free to our clients. We never bill any legal fees to them because we understand many have already been financially harmed by these vehicles."

Hegedus explained that as some of the most successful lemon law lawyers in the country, the Lemon Law Group Partners own this success to their dedication to this field of law. "Because we are knowledgeable of the auto industry as well as the details of the Lemon Law, we are uniquely qualified to handle these cases in a way other firms are not." Hegedus completed his statement with a plea to any consumers who are dealing with this issue and feel like they are not being heard. "Contact us today. We will get you the money and the justice you deserve."

About Lemon Law Group Partners
The Lemon Law Group Partners have been in business together since 1995. This company includes a team of very successful lawyers, including Jason S. Hegedus, the Managing Partner. He and the other members of the firm have over a decade of experience representing one of the "Big Three" auto manufacturers in Detroit. This has given them all a unique perspective and understanding of the automobile industry. Today they use this knowledge to represent consumers instead, always free of charge, helping each to receive the largest financial judgments possible.