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Dream Wedding Group Announces Free Initial Consult for Brides with No Obligation

As need for wedding planners increases, DreamWedding.com.sg offers free introductory meeting to get the ball rolling on a budget or lavish wedding


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- According to recent industry statistics released, about one in five brides hire a wedding planner to assist in their wedding. Furthermore, with the trend toward more lavish weddings, experts expect this number to increase dramatically in the coming seasons. Ivan Phay, spokesperson for Dream Wedding Group Singapore, states, however, budget weddings can benefit equally from the expertise of a wedding planner singapore, with a number of advantages for the bride and groom to consider.

Says Phay, "Many brides and their families think hiring a wedding planner is only for those with endless budgets to spend on their weddings. However, that's simply not the case, as budget brides can experience the advantages, as well. Investing in a wedding planner can actually help the couple save money in the long run, as they know where the best deals can be found and how to get them."

With this idea in mind, Dream Wedding Group Singapore has announced they are offering the first wedding planning session for free to brides. Phay confirms, saying, "We know the list of 'things to do' grows longer the more you think about it. For this reason, we help you figure out the order everything should go. All you have to do is indicate your interest on our website and our friendly wedding planners shall contact you. There are no obligations required, should you decided to eventually plan on your own."

The first consult, according to Phay, will cover such topics as how the couple can save money but still have a magical wedding day, how the couples can coordinate their own wedding day, from transport to ceremony, common mistakes couples should avoid when planning their big day, what to outsource and what to do yourself and how to select trustworthy vendors. Says Phay, "All these topics cover the common questions we hear all the time. Most women don't know the number of viable options they have today. For example, most don't realize that wedding gown rental singapore is one of the fastest growing trends and most helpful suggestions for a budget bride to consider. But, they have no idea where to start. We put them at the starting line and prepare them for everything."

Phay concludes, saying, "The bottom line is, on the big day, we will be there to ensure all the details of the wedding are executed smoothly. Most importantly, the bride will be enjoying every second of the most significant day in her life."

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Dream Wedding has years of experience in the industry, specializing in all-wedding related services to make every bride and groom's Dream Wedding come true. An enjoyable marriage preparation experience is what Dream Wedding offers to all our couples. Dream Wedding provides numerous quality services for the couples to consider and from there, the couples can choose the services they need. As an established Wedding Planning Company in which, they are the only Appointed Wedding Vendor for Sentosa Leisure Group, with Ms. Ivy, a Lecturer at ICWP (Institute of Certified Wedding Planners at its helm), their clients feel at ease with someone they can trust to make the engaged couple's day picture perfect.