Cancelletto Launches New Blog to Cover Cutting Edge Insights Into Fire Safety and Preparedness

Cancelletto specializes in the manufacturer of safety railings, shutters, fire doors and more, and has launched a new blog to discuss emerging safety and security technologies.


Thessaloniki, Greece -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Fire safety is all about containment- when the unfortunate happens, an accident can turn into a disaster if left unchecked. Fire doors can be an essential part of fire prevention and containment, as having the right security measures in place is a science that is continually evolving through the 21st century. At the forefront of this evolution is Cancelletto, a Greek company specializing in shutters, doors and even fireproof glass. They have just launched a blog to discuss the strategic employment of products like theirs to best effect.

The Cancelletto blog will help people to devise the best distribution of fire doors, safety railings, parking systems, and other products for different environments, including residential, commercial and industrial spaces. The blog will use case studies to assess risks and provide walk-through solutions to minimizing them, helping people gain consultant-level insight direct from the manufacturer.

The blog is designed to share the company's years of expertise while at the same time promoting their products, using the content to impress upon people why such products need the kind of excellent build quality, innovative design and easy installation that Cancelletto can offer to their customers.

A spokesperson for Cancelletto explained, "We understand that fire safety, and indeed security, is a strategic discipline rather than a simple amalgamation of disconnected products; that's why we have expanded our range from simple shutters to automation technologies, doors, parking systems and even fireproof glass. With our safety products, offices, homes and factories need not sacrifice what is necessary for their fashion and function in order to be safe. The blog is an exciting place for us to stretch the possibilities for these products in the mind of our potential user base. It also allows us to share advice and guidance on best practices to ensure that companies investing in these technologies get maximum benefit from them."

About Cancelletto
Cancelletto was founded in 1984 and has since been active in the manufacturing and commercial sector, manufacturing, distributing and installing folding safety railings, and working with major foreign firms to create fire doors, door automation and parking systems. The company is continually evolving to provide the best customer service possible, combined with the best products.

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