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My Mold Removal Guys Issue Warning on How Mold Companies Get Rich Selling Junk Science

My Mold Removal Guys have taken action against an insidious trend in mold remediation, as companies rip off consumers through the misuse and misapplication of mold testing.


Eatontown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- The oldest trick in the marketing book is to present your product as a solution to a problem. The removal of fear is at the heart of this, and so it's all too easy for conmen to create fear and then solve this fake issue. New Jersey mold removal company My Mold Removal Guys have observed these tactics in action, and are warning current and potential customers to be discerning when it comes to choosing a mold remediation provider. They have just published a new exposé on these practices.

Their new report goes into some detail about the common scams My Mold Removal Guys have had reported to them by customers who have approached them after having been ripped off by unscrupulous firms. The clients themselves talk about how these fake experts told them how dangerous specific mold could be and how their family's health and specifically their children's health could be in imminent danger.

But many of these companies send out salesmen. Not scientists or certified microbial consultants. These salesmen will use very complex scientific monologues they don't even understand to sell people mold tests they don't need. One such unscrupulous company offering mold remediation in New Jersey is observably a great success, but its CEO has been arrested 3 times in the last 5 years for tax evasion and fraud.

A spokesperson for My Mold Removal Guys explained, "We get former clients of his and other unscrupulous mold companies who tell us these horror stories all the time. We've even seen homeowners with mold, and NO water leaks who had $18,000 waterproofing systems installed and NOTHING was done to treat the mold. We're not against mold testing. It serves a crucial role when done properly prior to mold remediation. We're against the misuse and misapplication of it. We want to make sure consumers know when they're getting ripped off and when they're dealing with a reputable and honest company."

About My Mold Removal Guys
My Mold Removal Guys was established by Randy Cece the owner of MMRG, LLC. Mr. Cece is certified by the IAQ, ESA, EAA and 4 other of the nation's leading environmental firms. As seen on TV, they have undertaken mold assessment, inspections, testing and remediation for 12 years. Their goal is to raise the bar worldwide for environmental standards, ethics and regulations. They have already started in his hometown of Eatontown, New Jersey. Already, and are quickly becoming one of the state's most respected environmental consultants.

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