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IFES Conf Publishes Review of New Trainer Certification Program

IFES Conf has published a new review of the Precision Nutrition Certification program for trainers and coaches, which helps them maximize exercise gains through optimizing diet.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Exercise is of limited value without the proper nutrition. The body needs to burn fuel to exercise, but it also needs specific nutrients to replenished damaged muscle tissues and make them stronger. As such, exercising on bad nutrition will cause people to be exhausted and actually achieve less than when they started. Precision Nutrition is a product that helps fitness enthusiasts get their nutrition right, to maximize gains from exercise. Their latest program is a certification system aimed at trainers, and IFES Conf has recently assessed this to see if it is a worthwhile endeavour.

The review of the PN Certification program explains that the product has been devised and developed over 10 years, with the benefit of extensive research and insights from elite coaching experience. With nutrition becoming essential in creating the kind of success people expect from exercise, coaches who don't know how to help clients eat better will be out of business in the next few years.

The review explains that 30,000 clients, including 10,000 trainers have made use of Dr. John Berardi's expertise and have joined Precision Nutrition team. The review explains that the team is made up of world-class coaches, counsellors, doctors, nutritionists, and exercise specialists. Precision Nutrition is designed to help people get fit, eat better, build strength, and take control. The review concludes that it achieves all of these aims.

A spokesperson for Precision Nutrition explained, "We are pleased to say that the Precision Nutrition Certification meets and exceeds expectations. While it is of course aimed at professional trainers and coaches it is open to everyone, meaning enthusiasts who want to master nutrition for their own benefit can undertake the course to gain expert level nutritional knowledge. This can only improve their exercise results, and as such the product represents the next natural evolution of the Precision Nutrition brand, and a new product for existing fans to get excited about."

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IFES Conf is a website dedicated to helping people understand more about the Precision Nutrition System and its value as a certification for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. Precision Nutrition combines exercise and diet to maximize results, and IFES Conf provides independent, insightful consumer advice on their efforts.

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