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Thrill Blender Publishes Thrilling New Content Including the Best of the Web's Manly Virals curates content daily, this week including the latest stories on lifesaving bullet technologies, funny picture dumps, and beautiful models and beer pong trick shots.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Much of the internet's viral content is designed to tug at the heart strings. The click-bait titles used, "I can't believe what happened next," and "This person never expected…" prove all too often disappointing, and cute kittens seem to be the answer to all the world's problems. This leaves men in particular sifting through frustrating content when all they want is to be amused, entertained and in awe. Thrill Blender is a man-focused content site that curates the best viral images, videos, and stories daily. Their latest updates include amazing technologies, skills and beautiful women.

The site strives to only ever provide the best of the best content that men will find entertaining and thrilling, and there are stories and videos to get the blood racing. Life saving bullet technology is one such, and model Jennah Yamamoto is another, who features as the babe of the day.

Perhaps one of their most popular features is the regular Funny Picture Dump, which collects together the best examples of really funny pictures from around the web and brings them into a single thread which can be perused in a fraction of the time. Updates like this are made daily to ensure there is never a shortage of fresh content.

A spokesperson for Thrill Blender explained, "We are updating our content constantly to ensure that our users are well satisfied by the stream of viral content we provide. We aim to be the best filter available on the net for capturing the best man-friendly content and sharing it through a single source that's easy to remember and even easier to share with friends. Our editors are great at doing thorough research to find viral content even before it goes viral, so we're a great place to find the Next Big Things."

About Thrill Blender
Thrill Blender is set up to provide viral content for men. The site has been designed to effectively kill their boredom with stuff they want to see, including babes, thrilling videos, and funny picture dumps. The site is regularly updated with the best content from around the web, and is committed to keeping men entertained with not a fluffy kitten in sight.

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