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Purium Health Products Launching the Million Mom Movement


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- The Million Mom Movement is a new initiative that is sweeping across America. The goal is simple, to have 1,000 women, in 100 communities who want to help 10 families each eat cleaner and greener. That is the simple goal of the Million Mom Movement.

One Million Moms who are looking to take back control of their pantries from sugary and fatty foods. One Million Moms who are looking to take back control of what they put on the dinner table each night. It was just 100 years ago when all food was organic. Everything was grown right from the Earth, and animals roamed the country side freely. Nowadays almost all food has chemicals being injected into it, animals are placed in inhumane living conditions; all to make an extra buck.

That is why at Purium all of its products are 100% Organic, 100% Vegan and 100% Non-GMO. Purium has based its entire company on producing cleaner and greener food substances for everyone to enjoy. Purium Health Products are made in the US, with a California based facility that is working hand in hand with local farmers in the area to help people put the right nutrients into their body each and every day.

Purium Health Products has had so much success with helping families live a healthier lifestyle, they created a new product to aid in kick starting all weight loss goals. A Purium Cleanse is the perfect way to lose weight in just 10 days. Seeing the near instant results while breaking one's addiction to sugary and fatty foods is the perfect way to start eating cleaner and greener.

Purium Health Products also knows that it while many people want to eat organically, it is unfortunately a bit more expensive to do so. That is why Purium has decided to offer a $50 gift card to all first time purchases! Experience cleaner and greener food at a discounted price today!

The coupon code "lose15in10" can be used at http://www.puriumcleansegiftcards.com. Start living a healthier, slimmer 2015 today!

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