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5280 CrossFit Announces the Opening of a New Gym in Golden, Colorado

The fitness gym embraces the active lifestyle Colorado is known for while emphasizing the importance of proper technique and movements, 5280-CrossFit.com reports


Golden, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- A new CrossFit Gym in Golden, Colorado opened on February 1, 2015, operating under the name 5280 CrossFit. The Golden community embraces the lifestyle Colorado has become known for, one which emphasizes health, fitness, and adventure. CrossFit workouts promote functional fitness to ensure members are prepared for all the great state has to offer, therefore, individuals looking to get into shape need to check this new option out.

"Individuals trying the new fitness gym receive their first week free at 5280 CrossFit because everyone deserves to feel the powerful rush of triumph and victory, no matter their background, fitness level, or age. To ensure participants remain safe during workouts, good mechanics and technique are emphasized at all times, as this also allows one to increase the intensity of their exercise. In addition, 5280 CrossFit values the greatness of community, whether one is gathered around a campfire, their favorite table at a brewery, or around a pull-up rig," Jason Grubb declares.

Some individuals find they are overwhelmed by the typical CrossFit warehouse gym, yet this isn't the case when one chooses 5280 CrossFit. The layout of the gym tends to be less intimidating, thanks to the large lobby which offers the perfect place to get together with other members and relax, both before and after workouts. Individuals love the camaraderie of the atmosphere and find they enjoy working out once again.

Grubb explains the training method used at 5280 CrossFit has been scientifically proven to help individuals slim down while increasing their fitness level. The workouts are short and intense and incorporate gymnastic elements, weightlifting components, and more, including rowing, biking, and running. The variety of exercises used helps to keep members engaged in the workouts at all times.

Members appreciate being able to register for classes online, making use of the latest technology to do so. In addition, every member can track their progress over a period of time on their computer and can leave comments for other members to encourage them. The online whiteboard makes this easy to do.

"Choose from a variety of membership types. Some opt for punch cards while others wish to take advantage of unlimited-visit monthly memberships. The first week is free for all new members, so check the gym out today. It may be just what you need to achieve your health and fitness goals and prepare for new adventures to be found in our great state," Grubb states.

About 5280 CrossFit
5280 CrossFit provides training for individuals of every background, age, and fitness level. Workouts are scaled to meet the needs of the client and every class is led by a coach with CrossFit qualifications. The coaches help members use the proper techniques and movements to ensure they remain safe at all times and provide the motivation individuals need to keep moving forward. 5280 CrossFit offers group classes to fit into any business schedule, including classes on Saturdays, so one may obtain the workout they need and private classes are available upon request.