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Apartments More Suitable for Investment, House to Live In


Selatan, Jakarta -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Despite the development of lower-middle-class apartment increasingly proliferated, but the house footprint is still much sought prospective buyers. This was evident at the exhibition Indonesia Property Expo held during February 14 until February 22, 2015.

According to exhibition visitors on Thursday (19/02/2015), the landed house has many advantages over the apartments. "The house is a wider lands," said Noah, 26-year-old visitor, searching for rumah dijual di tangerang.

He said that although the apartment units have open spaces such as patios or porches, not airy like landed house. There is also the penthouse which be designed to have a backyard, the price is not affordable.

In addition, social life among environmental landed house and apartment units were different. Residents of the apartment is more individualistic. "If the landed house, better social environment," said Noah.

This is justified Dian (26). He is more interested in buying a house rather than an apartment unit. "It's going to find a house first. landed house. So to stay alone," said Dian.

Dian not mind if you have to live outside Jakarta. "I'm looking for rumah dijual di tangerang outside Jakarta because there is still an affordable price, approximately IDR 400 million to IDR 500 million," he said. Dian himself claimed not to determine the specific location in the search for house. He is considering the price, and then adjust the location.

There were other visitors, Saleh (37), will buy an apartment after having first home. According to him, the apartment can not be held forever. "The right to build apartments. While the house, we have a property. If to buy the first time to live, Yes prefer landed house," said Saleh.

The apartment, he said, is more suitable as an asset for investment. Apartments for rent, particularly in locations close to the business center, can be profitable than if occupied permanently.

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