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Strengthening the DUI Law Implemented with a New Bill About Dashcam Video Use: A Must to Prove a Case Against Drunk Drivers

Car and other vehicular accidents can hike up to thousands of dollars in terms of inflicted damages, yet insurance companies will only provide rushed and minimal support to the victims.


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Drunk driving has been one of the controversial cases these days as many offenders managed to get off the case and have it repeatedly dropped off through the loopholes of the recent DUI laws. These laws that include installing of video cameras to check on offenders during the sobriety test are expected to lessen the number of accidents of many drivers under the influence of alcohol. However, passing a tougher law against these intoxicated road hoodlums seems to be worthless, since most of the drunken driving cases are thrown out even though, the offenders are already caught on camera.

Statistics has shown that 30 people in the United States die from drunken driving accidents almost every day with one death every 51 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related accidents and deaths were estimated to $59 billion dollars and it's not surprising that in the coming years it will escalate to a higher number if the DUI laws implemented will not be strict enough to have offenders face jail time. Though there's already criteria that makes the offender face charges, many were able to create their "own defense by walking off the camera" as York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant describe what drunk drivers been doing to get away from the charges.

Though the blood alcohol level of the drunk driver has hit the legal limit three times, just because the investigators did not saw their feet during a roadside sobriety test from the dashcam video installed, chances are the charge will be dropped off. This reality that many police forces are experiencing today hurts them most, for the reason that the video cameras installed were supposed to be helping them solve the cases, yet it was used against them.

The way how drunk drivers managed to get away from charges is evident in some cases where a drunken man's head can't be seen on the camera because it's too dark and a woman that does a heel-to-toe test walk toward the camera with her left foot obscured by her right foot. With such loopholes that many intoxicated drivers could use to their cases; it would be a tough battle for Columbia auto accident attorney to get the compensation that many victims deserve.

Car and other vehicular accidents can hike up to thousands of dollars in terms of inflicted damages, yet insurance companies will only provide rushed and minimal support to the victims. These are sometimes overlooked due to stress and traumatic incidents, but to find the right auto accident lawyer experienced enough to see the case will certainly help individuals achieve their compensation rights.

Provided that the recent DUI laws have loopholes that cause in many cases to be dropped off, a new bill is expected to loosen rules that will help authorities prove a case and have drunk drivers to be punished. With that, accident victims will truly attain the true justice they deserve.

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