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MyPowerNow Solar Power Website Confirms Massive Savings on DIY Solar Generators

Comparison of Solar Power products with DIY equivalents has revealed savings of more than 40% are possible with a small amount of handyman input.


Tasmania, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Solar DIY enthusiast Rex Bunn, creator and co-ordinator of the alternative energy website has confirmed that DIY solar power can save the home owner substantial sums of money.

"We took a typical 1800 Watt Solar Generator which retails at almost $2000 and sourced the components on the internet. We were able to demonstrate that by buying the major components separately and carrying out the simple process of home construction required, a saving of more than $800 over the commercial solar unit was possible."

"Home solar energy production is growing exponentially", says Rex, "and Solar Power Generators are a popular item amongst consumers. They make it possible to have a reliable, cheap solar power backup system in place with a relatively small outlay. However, many purchasers of these units don't realize the simplicity of the process involved in Solar Generator construction. A home handyman with a few simple tools can put one of these units together easily using components readily available at low prices online."

Information on Rex's website demonstrates how the DIY enthusiast can find the best solar power components at cheap prices, and produce the equivalent of an expensive retail product at just over half the price. The commercial unit described on the website, which retails at $1999.99, can be replicated using components purchased easily online. The DIY version of the generator is actually superior in many ways to the retail product it replaces, and can be built for under $1150.00

More information on the DIY Solar Generator Project can be found on Rex's website at

Rex Bunn's MyPowerNow is an informational website dealing with home and portable solar power solutions, with a particular emphasis on DIY systems.

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