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Manfred Hall Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund New E-Cigarette with Timer

Manfred Hall, a Canadian inventor, is launching an IndieGoGo campaign that will allow him to manufacture a new type of e-cigarette that includes a timer to help smokers beat their tobacco addiction.


Winnipeg, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Manfred Hall, Canadian inventor, successfully quit smoking four years ago.  Since that time, he has worked with various ideas to transform nicotine replacement products like the e-cigarette into devices that will help people stop smoking altogether.  To that end, Hall has invented the ECTC, or Electronic Cigarette with Timer and Counter to make it easy for others to quit their smoking habits.

Located at, this IndieGoGo campaign will raise money to manufacture the ECTC.  The money raised will be used first to create a prototype and production model then to fund clinical trials to establish the device's effectiveness at helping people quit smoking.

This device is designed to change the routines of smokers through the use of countdown timers displayed on an LCD screen.  The first timer limits smoking time for an e-cigarette to four minutes, or the amount of time it normally takes to smoke a cigarette.  In addition, another countdown timer renders the e-cigarette non-functional for 20 minutes, limiting the number of times the smoker can use the device in a one-hour period.  Using input from actual e-cigarette use, the device would then create a smoking cessation schedule that gradually reduces the amount of time a smoker spends using the e-cigarette until quitting is possible.

Donors will receive rewards at various levels including $20, at which they receive a thank-you letter and ECTC stickers, with anticipated delivery August 2015; the $50 level, at which they receive a thank-you letter and a t-shirt, with anticipated delivery September 2015; and the $200 level, at which they receive a free ECTC e-cigarette and counter device, with anticipated delivery June 2016.

About the ECTC
The Electronic Cigarette with Timer and Counter is designed to make it simple for people to stop smoking.  Utilizing the best technology available along with psychological smoking cessation research, the ECTC will help those who want to quit smoking do so successfully and easily.

Manfred P Hall
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