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Renowned E-Commerce Organization 11Main Approves SAFE Collecting Supplies as a Featured Merchant


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- SAFE® Collecting Supplies is a Doylestown, Pennsylvania-based organization working as a trusted source for collecting supplies accommodating a wide variety of different collectibles. They have recently been chosen as a featured supplier for, a new e-commerce organization sponsored and started by e-commerce global leader, Alibaba.

SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been featured through many media outlets, including NBC and BBC as a leading expert in everything involving collecting supplies. Their products range from standard coin and stamp collecting supplies, to complex tools designed for advanced currency & collectible analysis through magnification, ultraviolet light and even by digitally weighing the item.

Collectors can benefit from SAFE® Collecting Supplies greatly. They have everything a collector could possibly need in high-quality coin cases, pin albums, versatile acrylic display cases, organizers, magnifiers, postcard holders, currency albums and more. They offer quick, complimentary shipping for purchases over $99, and returns within 60 days are taken with no questions asked.

Kurt Braun, CEO of SAFE® Collecting Supplies, is anticipating great things from this newfound partnership. SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been delivering "The SAFE Advantage" since 1953, and this new opportunity is sure to bring SAFE® Collecting Supplies further into the digital age of technology.

11Main, found at is an e-commerce website originally founded by the team at Alibaba, a well-known e-commerce giant. 11Main's website was created to emulate the experience that people all over the world enjoy when they visit "Main Streets" across their countries. They carefully select vendors and retailers based on the originality and the overall quality of their work. SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been chosen for their exceptional, comprehensive expertise and versatile stock of collecting supplies.

SAFE® Collecting Supplies guarantees to deliver products that are 100% plasticizer and acid-free. Each album, sleeve and storage case they sell is of the highest archival quality. For more information on "The Safe Advantage," call SAFE® Collecting Supplies today at 800.296.6130 throughout the United States. Combine their expert knowledge with an exceptional customer service experience, and it's plain to see why collectors have chosen SAFE® Collecting Supplies for 60 years and counting.

About SAFE® Collecting Supplies
Since 1953, SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies around the world. The company is dedicated to helping collectors find the appropriate collecting and storage system for coins, paper money, stamps, pins, postcards, rocks, minerals and more.

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