Online Dollar Store Dollar Fanatic Pushes Forward Featuring 25 Different $1 Deals at a Time

The only exclusively Online One Dollar Store not impacted by the recent consolidation in the Dollar Store Industry. is becoming a trend to watch with its concept of featuring 25 different $1 Deals at a time.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- Dollar Fanatic LLC., an Indianapolis, IN based Company that is an exclusively online retailer that sells everything for only $1 each on their website at At this time they're considered the only Online Dollar Store that allows a customer to pick and choose products all priced for only $1 each without a requirement of purchasing by the case or in large quantities. The website has some interesting characteristics like: featuring 25 different dollar deals at a time, Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more, and a Fanatic Rewards Club program that rewards customers for purchasing and/or referring friends.

In response to recent news in the Dollar Store Industry as a result of the blockbuster merger between two of the top three industry leaders, the Founder Pierre Jackson said, "First I want to be very clear, we still consider ourselves very different from other companies in the Dollar Store Industry because we are the only exclusively Online One Dollar Store, and all of the consolidation is involving companies that focus primarily offline. On the other hand of course the more powerful these companies get, the more pressure it will have on the industry as a whole and a grass roots company like ours. We have tested various models including featuring from 25 items up to well over 200 products at a time. We like our original model of featuring 25 Dollar Deals at a time because we like the excitement it creates for us and our customers. At this time we have no plans to try to compete with the traditional boring Brick & Mortar Dollar Store concept, whether it is Online or Offline."

The history of Dollar Fanatic LLC., is not very extensive; they in fact launched the business to the public in January of 2014. The Founder Pierre Jackson said, "Adjustments and even major changes in our industry are something we will have to get used to, being the only real exclusively online one Dollar Store. Even though is experiencing some nice momentum, we're still very new to the game; however, we have about 4 years of Research and Development along with capital invested in this venture. As a self described Dollar Store Fanatic plus our initial research of what it would take to be successful in an extremely popular 50 to 70 billion dollar industry that has been geared towards traditional brick & mortar locations online, we decided very early on we would push the envelope because we weren't going to be the same old boring Dollar Store as are commonly found online. I would describe us as what you get when you merge the traditional Dollar Store commonly found offline, with the fast paced Daily Deals concept usually found online."

Prior to the recent changes to the industry, the company has been tinkered with offering 100 different items up to over 200 different items featured at a time because of the huge response they were getting from their fast growing customer base and a large amount of feedback requesting they considered offering more selection at a time. Pierre said, "Regardless of recent consolidation on our industry, we totally understand many of our customers were used to the traditional Dollar Store model which offers a lot more selection, so we decided to at least test offering more products even though the idea wasn't really part of our original plans. To make a long story short we are doing our best to try to avoid being like a boring plain old Dollar Store with lots of cheap generic brand products. To be honest it is really hard to continue to receive all the feedback/request and decide to stick to our guns and not offer a larger selection right now; however, we need to stay on course regardless of what is happening around us and to stick to the plans which created a massive buzz when we launched Dollar Fanatic in January of 2014 and insures we stay very fresh with unbelievable Dollar Deals that last from 1 to 30 days."

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