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The Original Hurling Earl Novelty Drinking Pitcher Mug Launches Pre-Order Sales via Kickstarter

The Original Hurling Earl™ Drinking Pitcher Mug is happy to announce the launch of a new, revolutionary novelty drinking pitcher mug that will change the barware scene forever!


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Novelty Drinking Mug Producers launch pre-order availability for 32 ounce novelty drinking pitcher and mug via KickStarter.

Novelty mug creators of The Original Hurling Earl™ personal drinking pitcher and mug, announced today, the launch debut of this hilarious new beer pitcher to the serious beer enthusiast. This drinking pitcher is the first of it's kind to simulate the graceful artform of "puking" while ejecting the beverage from the mouth of the spout, when the beverage is being poured. The creative ceramic design keeps your beveragecool, while making a huge statement. This changes the standard barware game and is being introduced to retail partner locations, restaurants, bars, casinos, gift shops and novelty distributors worldwide.

The Original Hurling Earl™ personal drinking pitcher and mug, which currently owns a provisional patent, is the creation of husband and wife founders, Brian and Marsha Sydnor.

The Original Hurling Earl™ personal drinking pitcher mug can be pre-ordered at

For additional inquiries, please contact: or visit for more details.

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