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Shoot Dot Edit Publishes New, Free Guide to 2015 Wedding & Portrait Photo Conference

Available to all at company's website, new guide details the best speakers, hottest parties, and most interesting vendors at the Feb. 26-March 5 WPPI conference in Las Vegas, Shoot Dot Edit reports


Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Shoot Dot Edit, a leading online photography post-production service, announced the publication and immediate availability of a new guide to the upcoming 2015 WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference. The comprehensive guide, available for free to all visitors to the Shoot Dot Edit website, highlights the best speakers, after-hours parties, and vendors scheduled for the show, ensuring that readers will get the most possible from the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International group's annual show this year. Shoot Dot Edit provides fast, high quality, highly affordable post-production services aimed at professional wedding, special event, and portrait photographers and others who make their living capturing digital images.

"The eagerly anticipated 2015 WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography Conference is almost upon us," Shoot Dot Edit representative Marc Fredrickson said, "Our exclusive new guide to the event will ensure that attendees see the most interesting speakers and end up at the best parties every night. Taking a few minutes to download and read through it is the best way of making the most of this exciting, rewarding conference."

Since 1978, industry group Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, or WPPI, has sought to advance the interests of professional photographers, particularly those focusing on wedding and portrait photography, who were then sometimes looked down upon as "weekend warriors" by others in the industry. The group's annual trade shows have become increasingly popular over the years, with an estimated 12,000 wedding and portrait photographers attending 2014's installment.

As a provider of online digital photography post-production services that are especially attractive to many specializing in these fields, Shoot Dot Edit is well positioned as a company to give an insider's take on the upcoming WPPI conference, to be held in Las Vegas from February 26 through March 5. The new Shoot Dot Edit guide to the WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photography is available for free at the company's website, and serves as a complete resource to what can otherwise be an overwhelming experience, given the intensity of the show and the impressive breadth of the offerings and events there.

The new Shoot Dot Edit guide to the WPPI conference is an appropriate project for a company that was founded with a mission of making life easier for those who specialize in portrait, special event, and wedding photography and similar pursuits. Realizing that many such professionals often found themselves spending unrewarding time sorting through and enhancing their output, instead of looking through a viewfinder, the experienced professionals behind the company resolved to provide a solution.

Toward that end, Shoot Dot Edit provides top quality, highly reliable digital photography post-production services, accessible through two affordable monthly plans or by custom arrangement. In addition, the company offers a full range of additional services that can be ordered as needed, freeing working photographers to do more of what they most love about the business. Further details about the full range of Shoot Dot Edit's popular services, along with the new, free guide to the 2015 WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference itself, can be found at the company's website.

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