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616 MG Launches New Site to Offer Consumers Target Prepaid REDcards Online is offering an easier, more convenient online alternative to the traditional way of getting a Target Prepaid REDcard, offering them online in pre-activated and balanced form.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- A Target Prepaid REDcard is a great way to save 5% on all target purchases. Though provided by American Express, the REDcard is not a credit card, and instead allows people to use a pre-pay system to load the card balance, meaning no monthly fees. Typically users will need to go into their local Target store to purchase and activate a Target Prepaid REDcard. 616 MG is a new site that offers the opportunity to purchase either a physical shipped card or digital card (automatically sent after purchase via e-mail), both of which are pre-activated and loaded with $1.00.

Before, the ability to Buy Prepaid Target REDcard s online was something much sought after but sadly unavailable. Now, through 616 MG, individuals can purchase a range of REDcard products. The website makes both digital purchases and physical purchases available to customers, with a range of fifteen unique products on offer.

The site is not affiliated with Target, American Express, or REDcard, but has gone the extra mile to provide a service that they have not, making customer experience their number one priority, together with affordability and fast delivery. The site even includes a REDcard FAQ and reviews of their service by independent users to give people ultimate peace of mind.

A spokesperson for 616 MG explained, "We are thrilled to be able to offer this more convenient means of securing a Target REDcard. The card comes ready to use, pre-registered and with a $1.00 balance so people can get started adding funds right away. Saving 5% on all Target purchases can amount to a huge saving over the course of the year, so the earlier people invest in one of these cards the better. Target is a perfect place to have a dedicated card, as they sell such a variety of items that they can fulfil most consumer needs. Now, consumers can save by staying loyal."

About 616 MG
616 MG offers prepaid Target REDcard products online in both digital and physical format, depending on user preference. They strive to offer the best possible service and have a passion for providing the ultimate customer experience. Their product ranges are defined by convenience, and this extends to everything they do.

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