Negative Ion Powder Uses Negative Power to Purify

The negative ion powder from Biocera is a nanotechnology activated system. The charged powder begins to emit far infrared radiation pre-set at a precise frequency. The differing frequency levels achieve varied purposes, all fine tuned for the benefit of good living.


Bundang-dong, Gyeonggi-do -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- Korean scientific service Biocera makes nanotechnology relevant in the sphere of general consumer utility. People can use such an advanced science directly for simple everyday needs such as laundry, anti aging, or filtering drinking, alkaline water and bathing water. The negative ion filters from Biocera can be set up in different filtration systems according to the water volume processed in each cycle. Setting up a suitable domestic negative ion filter entails multiple benefits in improving the quality of water.

The water molecular structure is rearranged to micro clusters offering three times more hydration than a conventional sip. Toxins are flushed out, bacteria eliminated, and the acidity of your life support neutralized. The specially designed negative ion powder activates soon after it is put to use. It has been programmed to release uniform far infrared vibrations for a stipulated period before it exhausts. These vibrations have been correlated with different beneficial activities. The negative ions emitted neutralize all free radicals generated by unscrupulous oxidation in water molecules.

Free radical neutralization effectively turns the common tap water into a fantastic anti aging nourishment. The de-infection of bacteria, and removal of harmful heavy metal residues make water pure to drink. In fact, the technology also emits mineral ions in the water supply for replenishment. Chlorine dissolved in water actually forms chloroform. It is also removed in full, restoring the natural taste of water.

About Biocera
Korean nanotechnology pioneer Biocera makes the advancement available for everyone. Products are available at mass production rates and distribution facilities managing the costs of the process. The negative ion filters are applications emitting negative ions in differently modulated far infrared radiation.

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